Blade sharpener - The right cut

The blade - sanctuary of every cook and work equipment in the meat counter.

Only a real sharp blade cuts efficientlly, safe and good. Regular re-sharpening and polishing warranties sharp blades every day.

The diamond is the hardest of all gemstones. Therefore our blade sharpener have diamond-coated teeth grinder respectively skew fields. So the blades can be polished gently, fast and precise. The cutting edge is set up quickly and ultra sharp at vanishing less material acceptance.

100% diamond coated slices
20° bevel for all smooth commercial blades


Phase 1: presharpening

At the presharpen, the blade is sharpened by the diamond slices and a new burr for a new cutting edge is constructed. It accrues a basic angle.

Phase 2: sharpen

At the sharpen, the new cutting edge will be through the diamond-slices constructed and the second phase of the blade edge will be sharpened. It accrues a crowed setup of the blade edge. Thus a long durability of the cutting edge is warranted.

Phase 3: removing and polishing

The removing and polishing - phase polished the new slices through a patented, felxible remove-polish slice in addition and this leads to a strong, razor-sharp and long lasting cutting edge.


CC line features

  • innovative more-phase-diamond-sharpening technology
  • elastomer guides for an evenly blade-guide and a precise sharpening angle
  • 100% diamond coated sharpening slices accrues for a thorough and precise process
  • high-quality patented, flexible remove/polish slices
  • easily and securely operating without previous knowledges
  • safe and harmless for eyery blade quality
  • no material heating, whereby a softening can be prevented
  • minimal material removal for a maximum durability of the blade
  • The sharpening modules at CC 2000 and CC 2100 are removeable and are suitable for dishwashers.