Blade sharpeners - The right cutting edge



CC Line

The right cutting edge

Knives - a sanctuary of every chef and a working tool at the meat counter.

Only a really sharp knive cuts good, efficient and safe. A regular re-sharpening and polishing guarantees sharp cutting day by day.

The diamond is the hardest of all gemstones. This is the reason why our blade sharpeners are equipped with diamond-coated sharpeping disks or abrasives. Blades can therefore be sharpened gently, precisely and quickly. The cutting edge gets reconstructed quickly and razor-sharp with a minimum of material removal.


100% Diamond-coated sharpening disks

20° sharpening angle for all professional knives with a smooth cutting edge


CC 2100

Professional blade sharpener
€ 679.00*

Phase 1: presharpening

At the presharpen phase, the knife is sharpened by the diamond-coated disks. A new burr is built in order to create a new cutting edge and a basic angle.

Phase 2: sharpen

At the sharpening-phase a new cutting edge is built by diamond-coated disks and the second phase of the knife edge gets partially ground. It creates a crowned structure on the knife edge. This ensures a long durability of the cutting edge.

Phase 3: honing and polishing

The honing and polishing phase polishes the new knife edge with a patented, flexible honing and polishing disk. This process ensures a strong, razor-sharp and long lasting cutting edge.


CC Line - Features

  • innovative mutli-phase-diamond-sharpening-technology
  • Elastomer angle guides for an even knive guide and an exact sharpening angle
  • 100 % diamond-coated sharpening disks ensure a carful and precise processing
  • patented high-quality and flexible polishing disks
  • simple and safe operation without any prior knowledge
  • safe and riskless for any blade quality
  • no heating-up of material to prevent softening
  • minimal material removal for a maximum durability of the knife
  • the sharpening modules of the CC2000 and the CC2100 are removable and suitable for dishwashers.