Complete dry enjoyment

Complete dry enjoyment -

Dehydrator DA508

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Dehydrator DA510

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Dehydrator DA506

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Graefs Dehydrator enriches SlicedKitchen with healthy as well as aromatic foods

The first idea is often the best. The oldest method of preserving food is also one of the best and healthiest: Dehydrating fruits by means of dry-hot desert air, thoughtful Mesopotamians came up with 5000 years ago.

Today, the Dehydrator from Graef uses state-of-the-art technology to produce the dry climate needed for drying in every kitchen. He enriches the trend towards SlicedKitchen, the kitchen of filmy cuts, with a particularly healthy component. Thanks to its size and its long running time of up to 40 hours, the device dehydrates fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts and much more in almost any desired quantity. This and more makes the dehydrator the perfect kitchen helper for anyone who wants to be conscious, healthy in their lifestyle and not to waste any food.

Optimal drying thanks to Dry Balance Technology

The dehydrator is smaller than a microwave and uses up less energy than an oven. The temperature can be adjusted to between 30 °C and 70 °C, for up to 40 hours. Essential detail: the fan is at the back of the DA 506, therefore evenly distributing the heat. Thanks to Dry Balance Technology, the temperature inside stays at around +/- 5 °C, ensuring that the foods are dehydrated gently and evenly. The temperature stays high enough to quickly dehydrate the food, but low enough to preserve all the precious enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients.


Tasty, practical, easy and healthy

As is customary in sliced kitchens, the food is cut into filmy slices before being dried - ideally with a Graef slicer. The thinner the slices, the better they release their aromas and the easier they are to dry. Filmy chopped kiwis, apples, bananas or citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, beetroot, tomatoes - or whatever - the dehydrator turns vitamins into natural snacks in just a few hours. For nibbling, muesli or muesli bars. The preparation of fermented foods, such as a healthy breakfast yoghurt with homemade granola and fruit crisps as a topping, is possible, it turns pureed fruit into delicious fruit leather and cracked cracker makes it crispy again. Meat, which is best salted or marinated beforehand, just like fish can be dehydrated in less than 6 hours and processed into spicy jerkies. Also treats for the four-legged friends in the household are conceivable. And those who harvest fruits, vegetables or herbs in their garden can easily preserve everything they do not eat fresh.

The advantages of the dehydrator are therefore obvious: it saves time and labour, as dehydration is a very simple, inexpensive method of preservation. It saves space, as food in the dried state are lighter and smaller. It saves money because you can now produce dried-on treats yourself and process perishable food instead of disposing of it. Above all, drying is healthy because it preserves vitamins and other nutrients, and because it preserves food without any preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, or excess salt.

In short: The Dehydrator by Graef belongs in every kitchen, where sustainability and good taste is very important. With a few simple steps, a large number of different snacks can be made for a cosy evening with friends.