Electric knife -

Electric knife


The electric knife EK 500 in black and white treats them all the same:

Be it bread or Sunday roast, pineapple, melon or even frozen cakes – they all must surrender to the serrated double blades. Two interchangeable knife sets and a little pressure help turning anything into even slices. The appliance impresses with its timeless design and attractive black or white finish.

Serrated for frozen goods
Despite being operated by a powerful 150-watt motor, the electric knife works quietly and with very little vibration. It comes with two sets of knives, one with professionally serrated blades and one specially designed for frozen goods.

The knife can be placed upright after use, keeping the worktop clean.


Electric Knife EK 502

with two blades
€ 44.99*

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Electric Knife EK 501

with two blades
€ 44.99*