Kaffee wie von Hand gegossen -

Kaffee wie von Hand gegossen

The Direct Brew process and other sophisticated features such as pre-brewing or the eight brewing points allow for an intense flavour experience that is otherwise only expected from the hand brewing process. In addition, the times are over when for each pot of coffee, the exact amount of water had to be filled. The full water tank now supplies as needed.

Innovative and boiled out

To keep the coffee powder in contact with the hot water for as long as possible, Graef uses three innovative functions for its machines:


  • The direct brewing process ensures the optimum brewing temperature of 92 to 96 ° C
  • 30 seconds before the actual brewing process, the first hot water causes the ground coffee to swell. In the end, the coffee unfolds its full aroma - its flower - without unleashing any bitter substances.
  • The large brewing head has eight brewing points, so that the ground coffee is wetted over a large area and the coffee aromas are optimally dissolved out. The brewing process takes about five to six minutes for a whole pot - an optimal brewing time.

Coffee on call

Users simply enter the desired number - between two and ten cups - via the touch display, and the exact amount of water needed flows from the tank. A comfort that has already proven itself in our espresso machines.

Practical, safe, well-formed

The PTC heater in the bottom of the case automatically switches on after the brewing process starts and keeps the coffee warm at an optimum 80 ° C for 30 minutes. The automatic decalcification program will pops up after 70 brewing cycles. This is how the Graef filter coffee machines remain particularly durable. At Graef’s sophisticated technology always goes hand in hand with good form. The filter coffee machines are characterized by a timelessly beautiful, functional design. Both encase their refined interior with a solid plastic housing - the FK 701 in white, the FK 702 in black - and chic stainless steel applications. Because it is also true here: The eye drinks coffee too.