- Filter coffee - just like it's been hand filtered

Filter coffee - just like it's been hand filtered

Graef Filter coffee machines


Which coffee machine to buy?

Coffee is Germany’s most popular drink – ahead of water, juices, and soft drinks. And most people still tend to drink it filtered. It’s fast, easy and has established itself over decades of coffee culture. This is precisely what our FK 400 models offer – customary quality. The FK 500 series models will appeal to those who need things to move a bit more quickly in the morning: after all, they start preparing while you are still in bed.



Most coffee lovers preferably still drink filtered coffee. Nevertheless and like an Espresso from an espresso machine, it should be perfectly brewed. Mild and balanced, filter coffee machines bring the aroma of each bean to its very best advantage. The YoungLine models FK 401/402/403 and FK 412 are characterized by robust technology in fancy design.


The filter coffee machines FK 502 and FK 512 were developed for families and all, who drink more than a cup, but who have little time in the morning. These machines optimise the traditional brewing procedure and give it a contemporary form. The FamilyLine-appliances can be operated and programmed very easily.


Filter coffee machine FK512

Thermo jug, timer & large brew head
€ 99.99*

Filter coffee machine FK502

Glass jug, timer & large brew head
€ 69.99*

Filter coffee machine FK401

Glass jug & large brew head
€ 59.99*

Filter coffee machine FK402

Glass jug & large brew head
€ 59.99*

Descaling tablets

For filter coffee- & espresso-machines or electric kettles
€ 11.69*

When do I need to descale my Graef coffee machine?

Descale your filter coffee machine regularly. This maintenance and inner cleaning not only extends the life cycle of the appliance, but also contributes to a constantly high taste experience.

How often you nee to descale your machine depends on the water hardness in your region. If you have hard water and drink your coffee very often, we recommend you to descale your coffee machine every two or three weeks.

For our filter coffee machines please ideally use the Graef Descaling Tablets (Art. 145618). You can find the detailled descaling instructions in your manual, chapter "descaling". Our descaling tablets can be used for the decalcification of our espresso machines, filter coffee machines or electric kettles.