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A real all-rounder - the GRAEF breadmaker


Bread maker BA806

for 500/750g bread, with 36 programs
€ 299.99*

3 good reasons for our breadmaker

  • Developed with professionals: 34 varied, trendy bread & dough recipes, also for pre-doughs or jams
  • Freshly baked, wonderfully fragrant bread (500/750g) at the touch of a button
  • Fresh bread on demand thanks to target timer

GRAEF breadmaker BA806

The all-rounder for the home bakery

Oven-fresh, warm and delicious - everyone loves bread with a crispy crust and juicy crumb. It could hardly be fresher than home-baked, but good bread also needs time and leisure at home. For all those who unfortunately don't have much of that in their everyday lives, but don't want to miss out on the pleasure of home-baked bread, there is now the perfect baking partner from kitchen expert GRAEF: the BA806 automatic bread maker in a noble micaceous iron look.

The compact all-rounder with 36 pre-installed programmes kneads and bakes various bread doughs at the touch of a button and even cooks the right favourite jam for breakfast slices thanks to a special programme.


Bread enjoyment pre-programmed

Bread not only tastes delicious, it has also been proven to make you happy! The reason for this is its high content of tryptophan, an amino acid that is responsible for the formation of the happiness hormone serotonin. And that is exactly why the smell of fresh bread is a pleasure in itself - even more so if it is your personal favourite.

With the bread maker from GRAEF, the happiness-inducing aroma literally moves into the kitchen. From juicy spelt-quark bread to sweet brioche and hearty sourdough rolls, the practical helper conjures up the most delicious loafs, either 500 or 750 grams, in no time at all thanks to 36 pre-installed programmes.

The 34 stored recipes were created especially for GRAEF and range from classic white and sourdough bread recipes to chocolate and banana bread and special programmes for jam and compote.


Easy operation thanks to touch display

A very special feature: the timer of the pretty bread professional can be set in the evening via the intuitive touch display so that the smell of fresh, oven-warm bread wafts through the flat when you wake up.

Simply fill in the ingredients, select the right programme from the practical overview in the lid and start the kneading or baking process via the touch display.

If you want your favourite bread to be ready at a certain time, the target timer controls the baking process and keeps the bread warm for 60 minutes until the first cut thanks to the keep-warm function.


Bread baking can be so easy

The BA806 bread maker from GRAEF works fully automatically and at the same time offers the freedom to implement your own creative recipes. Using the manual DIY programme, amateur bakers can individually set the kneading, rising and baking times for their very own favourite bread and off they go.

The basic ingredients are placed directly into the baking tin and then the kneading process is started. Dry ingredients such as nuts, seeds or sultanas can be easily added via the refill opening during the kneading process.

Once the dough has been kneaded, the non-stick dough hook is removed with the tool provided. The dough is now allowed to rest for a while after the preset time before the bread expert really heats it up. The 3-stage browning level control even allows you to set the toast and crispiness to suit your personal taste.

Apart from the delicious smell, a beep indicates the end of the baking process. The bread is ready and can be removed directly from the baking machine, together with the loaf tin, using the carrying handle. The non-stick coating ensures that the fresh loaf slides easily out of the mould before it can be sliced and enjoyed while still warm and fresh from the oven.

Kastenbrot aus dem Brotbackautomaten

Versatile recipes

Spelt quark bread, protein bread, brioche, and more


Bread maker BA806

for 500/750g bread, with 36 programs
€ 299.99*

Questions & Answers - Breadmaker BA806 (FAQs)

  • Can I also prepare pre-dough or pizza dough in the breadmaker?

    Yes, this is possible. You can knead pre-doughs (programme no. 29) or pizza doughs (programme no. 27) in the breadmaker and then process them or bake them in the oven.

  • How can I clean the breadmaker?

    The GRAEF breadmaker is easy to clean after baking. The baking tin and dough hook are non-stick coated so that the loaf can be removed with virtually no residue. Residues on the dough hook or the baking tin (both are not dishwasher-safe) can be easily cleaned under running water with a dishwashing sponge and a mild detergent.

    You can clean the housing quickly and easily with a damp cloth.

  • Which (bread) recipes can I prepare? What programmes are available?

    With the GRAEF bread maker you can prepare a variety of different breads and doughs or even compote or jam. You will find the recipes in the enclosed instruction manual. Below you will find an overview of the programmes:

    1 Farmhouse bread
    2 Quick white bread
    3 White bread
    4 Italian white bread
    5 Butter Toast
    6 Wholemeal toast
    7 Spelt quark bread
    8 Wholemeal spelt bread with stale bread
    9 Grain bread
    10 Wheat bread with oats and linseed
    11 Potato bread
    12 Carrot grain bread
    13 Farmer's bread with sourdough and old bread
    14 White bread with sourdough
    15 Mixed bread with sourdough
    16 Mixed yoghurt bread (with pre-dough)
    17 Yoghurt-honey bread with walnut
    18 Protein bread
    19 Gluten-free bread
    20 Brioche
    21 Chocolate bread
    22 Banana bread
    23 Raisin bread
    24 Spelt roll
    25 Sourdough roll
    26 Low Carb Buns (gluten-free)
    27 Pizza dough
    28 Cake dough
    29 Pre-dough
    30 Porridge
    31 Jam
    32 Stewed fruit
    33 Chutney
    34 Yoghurt
    35 Baking only
    36 DIY programme for your own creations

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GRAEF bread maker - also for the preparation of fluffy pizza doughs

GRAEF bread maker

also for the preparation of fluffy pizza doughs