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Chop, chop!

With four stainless-steel blades, the food processor CH 500 (available in black and white) works fast and efficiently

Fancy a warming soup, a sophisticated sauce, a creamy vinaigrette, tasty homemade pesto or a savoury sandwich spread? Child’s play when you have a hard-working assistant such as the food processor CH 500. It chops any ingredient, be it herbs, fruit, vegetables or even nuts. This is made possible by four stainless-steel blades and a 500-watt motor. The 1 litre dishwasher-proof glass container is not only practical but attractive to look at.

Four blades are faster than two The CH 500 is suitable for chopping, slicing and mixing. Various settings let the user determine how coarsely or smoothly he wants to process ingredients – be it herbs or baby food. The four stainless-steel blades work more efficiently and faster than two-blade models, resulting in an even consistency.

The compact appliance is available in black and white. It can easily be stored without taking up too much space and is quickly assembled. Leading technology combined with well-thought-out design – the CH 500 demonstrates typical Graef values.


Chopper CH 501

Ideal for chopping
€ 59.99*

Chopper CH502

Ideal for chopping
€ 59.99*