GRAEF coffee grinders

fresh coffee grounds for best aroma





To get the most out of your coffee, it is important to grind the beans just before preparing the coffee. Because this is when the cells in the beans open to release aromas and ingredients. The shorter the time between grinding and coffee preparation, the higher the quality and freshness of the preparation. Important: every method of preparation requires a different grind – that’s why our grinders offer countless setting options.

  • Due to the aroma-gentle conical grinder made of stainless steel and the slow-speed motor, the coffee beans do not get overheated.

  • Solid aluminium diecast or plastic housings

  • Auto-function for group handle

For the perfect enjoyment, coffee should always be freshly ground. Grinding opens the cells of the beans, releasing aroma and ingredients. These can later infuse into the hot water.

Due to the fact that ground coffee loses its quality and aroma very quickly, coffee should only be ground immediately before it is prepared.

The variably adjustable grind setting is the basis of each individual coffee enjoyment.

Coffee grinder CM702

Ideal coffee grinder for beginners
€ 119.99*


Coffee grinder CM802

The test winner coffee grinder!
€ 189.99*


Coffee grinder CM900

with auto-portioning
€ 239.99*


Coffee grinder CM800

The test winner coffee grinder!
€ 179.99*