Tinkering, designing, testing, rethinking, paying attention to even the smallest detail, never satisfied with what’s merely good – at GRAEF, we see products as the result of expertise and years of meticulous effort. That’s why our developers work on new ideas and technologies until they are truly perfect and well designed to the tiniest feature. In this way, customers can be sure they are using a GRAEF product that meets the highest standards in terms of technology and efficiency. Yesterday and today – as well as today and tomorrow.


How can you tell if products have exceptional quality? By how durable and reliable they are, and by a timeless product design that never goes out of fashion. Or, in short: By how much pleasure they still give you after years and decades of service. GRAEF products have always stood for uncompromising quality and absolute, German-made precision. In the technology used, in the workmanship – and of course in the results they provide in the kitchen.



Competence is generally defined as a combination of knowledge and skills. In our notion of the term, an important factor must be added – passion. From the front desk to the production floor, from development to sales, the people working together at GRAEF have one thing in common: a sincere love for what they do. When designing our home appliances, we can also build on many years of expertise in the commercial sector. The result is a broad portfolio of household products ranging from manual all-purpose slicers to fully automatic slicing systems. And that’s exactly what makes the difference



Exceptional ideas, new standards, and indestructible products at the highest level of quality and design that are often passed on in families for decades – the name GRAEF is both a promise and an obligation. In the fourth generation and with full conviction and passion, we continue to give life to the tradition and values of Hermann Graef, who founded the company in the small German town of Arnsberg in 1920. We do so both for our own pleasure and that of our customers. A philosophy that our strong partners from the specialist retail sector know to appreciate.


Acting sustainably means conserving resources: Our products make it easy to feel a real appreciation for food again and buy it in one piece. This not only avoids unnecessary packaging and reduces food waste – it simply tastes better. And because we take care to use high-quality materials for our appliances, adhere to high production standards, and “made in Germany” also means shorter transportation routes, GRAEF stands as a symbol of sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship.


Form follows function! GRAEF products are not only technically state-of-the-art, extremely durable and offer the best user experience – they also impress with first-class design. “As much as necessary, as little as possible” has always been the principle we follow when developing our devices. This results in timelessly beautiful appliances that instantly turn into eye-catchers in every kitchen today – and invariably have the potential to become tomorrow’s classics!


Four different worlds of indulgence, one common approach. GRAEF does everything to unlock food’s maximum potential for giving joy. Because we always design our products with the desired result in mind: perfectly prepared delicacies with the finest of tastes and fullest of flavors. Whether it’s our award-winning all-purpose slicers, our products for perfect coffee pleasure, our kettles, toasters and kitchen aids, or our products for commercial use.


Someone who purchases a GRAEF product can expect more in every respect. Outstanding function, first-class design, ease of use – and of course consummate service. Because even the best product is worthless without a well-functioning customer service. This includes our own repair department at our headquarters in Arnsberg, spare parts that often remain in stock for decades and a service hotline worthy of its name.


Innovative by tradition. If, at GRAEF, we had to name virtues that have always made us special, we would certainly cite our inventive spirit and power to innovate. Because nothing defines us as much as the constant urge to make things even better. The result: countless innovations, registered patents and newly set international standards, including the first all-purpose slicer entirely made of metal, a cantilever construction and fully automatic slicing solutions. What more to expect from our multiple-award-winning “brand of the century”? Let us surprise you.



When, in 1920, Hermann Graef founded his company with his first factory in the small town of Arnsberg, he probably never thought that it would one day become one of the most traditional and successful household appliance manufacturers in Germany. Yet what drove him back then was already what GRAEF still stands for today. 100% commitment at all levels to develop products that not only meet the highest standards of quality and designs and combine the innovative power and expertise of several generations but are also particularly sustainable. Proof of this are many patents and awards, and of course the satisfaction of our customers. We give a 100% for them - every day.