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Graef is "partner of the specialised trade"
Expert Group “Hausrat” honours the company in the field of small electrical appliances

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Red like love

The new Red Series with five handy Graef devices makes the day more aesthetic and enjoyable.

 - Sharp Centre Point in the Kitchen

Sharp Centre Point in the Kitchen

Practical, space-saving, neat: An all-purpose slicer and knife drawer combined in the aesthetically designed SKS 850 by Graef.

 - Healthy Indulgence: When dry is a good thing

Healthy Indulgence: When dry is a good thing

Graef’s Dehydrator DA 506 enriches the SlicedKitchen with healthy and flavourful food

 - Diamond-encrusted Sharpener

Diamond-encrusted Sharpener

The Graef knife sharpener CC115 brings out the best in blades

 - All is Fair in Love and Waffles

All is Fair in Love and Waffles

Waffle- and cone makers by Graef bring sweet and savoury treats to the table in no time.

 - As tough as it looks

As tough as it looks

The FW 700 meat grinder by Graef – a premium appliance that can handle anything

 - The Renaissance of a Noir Classic

The Renaissance of a Noir Classic

Arnsberg, 01.09.2017

Just like hand-brewed – with Graef’s drip coffee makers FK 701 and FK 702

 - Sliced to Perfection - Home Cooking That is a Cut Above

Sliced to Perfection - Home Cooking That is a Cut Above

Arnsberg, 01.09.2017

Graef’s all-purpose slicer series SKS 300 inspires new SlicedKitchen creations

 - Entering the World of Fine Cuts

Entering the World of Fine Cuts

Arnsberg, 01.09.2017

The Graef all-purpose slicer series SKS 100 is suitable for any kitchen


Arnsberg, 27.02.2017

What gives the fine cuisine the finishing touch

The knife sharpeners from Graef ensure perfection and precision


Arnsberg, 12.02.2017

Filmy sliced ham remembers the holidays for a long time

Graef's recommendation for regional ham specialties

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Arnsberg, 19.06.2017

Small but excellent - the racy world first for the kitchen

The MiniSlice attachment perfectly complements the SKS 900 food slicer series from market leader Graef


Arnsberg, 24.05.2017

Sliced Kitchen: A kitchen full of possibilities

Graef goes into the market with new POS concept

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Arnsberg, 11.04.2017

Graef is "Top Kitchen Brand 2017"“

Awarded by TESTBILD and Statista in the product category slicer

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Arnsberg, 10.02.2017

Sliced Kitchen - the kitchen of filmy cuts

Food slicers such as the SKS 900 from market leader Graef set a new culinary trend

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Arnsberg, 10.02.2017

Nobody cuts off that well

The slicer Manuale H 9 by Graef is test winner in its class


Arnsberg, 10.02.2017

Espresso with the power of two pumps

With the portafilter Baronessa, the perfect cappuccino now works faster


Arnsberg, 10.02.2017

If the barista is in a hurry

The Pivalla of Graef is capsule and strainer machine in one


Arnsberg, 10.02.2017

Multitasking - a kettle for the whole family

The stainless steel water cookers of the WK 500 series by Graef also heat baby food and disinfect baby bottles


Arnsberg, 10.02.2017

Fresh in the day with the new breakfast series from Graef

The stylish Black Edition with kettle, toaster and food slicer


Graef - the story of a dashing success

Arnsberg, 10.02.2017

The market leader in food slicers and home appliance manufacturers has also reinvented itself over and over again

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