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As is customary in SlicedKitchen, food is cut into thin slices before being dried - ideally with a Graef slicer. The thinner the slices, the better they release their aromas and the easier they can be dried. Thinly cut kiwis, apples, bananas or citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, beetroot, tomatoes - GRAEF dehydrators turn vitamins into natural snacks in just a few hours. And those who harvest fruits, vegetables or herbs in their garden can easily preserve everything that can't be eaten directly - without preservatives, artificial colouring or flavouring substances or excess salt.

The GRAEF dehydrator can be set to the optimum temperature for every drying product. The digital temperature monitoring ensures an even drying result. The heating element and the fan are positioned on the back and ensure optimal heat distribution and energy-efficient drying. This removes water evenly and gently from all food. Because the temperature always stays high enough to dry it out quickly and low enough to preserve enzymes, vitamins, and other valuable nutrients. Another decisive advantage of the GRAEF dehydrator is the drawer design: the drying grids can easily be removed from the front like an oven, loaded and pushed back into the dehydrator in different positions (depending on the food and quantity to be dried).

The GRAEF dehydrator uses modern technology to create the dry climate required for dehydration in every kitchen. This enriches the SlicedKitchen trend, the kitchen of fine cuts. The adjustable drying time allows the device to dry fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts and much more. Thanks to the intuitive operation and display, our dehydrators can be set to the optimum temperature for each drying product (depending on the model between 30°C and 80°C). For example 57°C for fruit, 52°C for vegetables, herbs and meat or 46°C to 52°C for nuts and kernels.

The advantages of drying food are obvious:

  • Preserve fresh food for months
  • Sustainable and healthy kitchen for a balanced diet
  • Resource-saving, conscious use of food
  • Less food ends up in the trash
  • Individual enjoyment without any flavor enhancers
  • Self-dried foods are cheaper, healthier, and often have a longer shelf-life than products bought in the supermarket.
  • When dried material is purchased, the water is often not completely removed due to an accelerated drying method. In addition dried fruit, for example, is often treated with sulfur to prevent browning and to extend its shelf-life.
  • Versatile use for unlimited creativity in the kitchen
  • Fruit chips, fruit leather, cereals, yogurt, macarons, homemade instant vegetable broth/soup, dried pasta, beef jerkies, dry herbs, infused water drinks with dried fruits for healthy flavours, make your own animal treats, making soft snacks crunchy again
  • Preserving fruit and vegetables and herbs from your own garden, Everything that cannot be eaten fresh can be preserved for months within hours
  • Star kitchen at home: combine different textures with each other, e.g. yoghurt with muesli or a creamy soup with vegetable chips
  • With gentle drying temperatures, the vitamins are retained and the taste becomes more intense. In this way you can get, natural, delicious snacks within a few hours
  • Dehydratos are the perfect companion to the GRAEF slicers from the SlicedKitchen
  • Use the slicer to cut food into uniformly thin slices before drying - for even results and faster drying times
  • The thinner the slices, the more flavours and the faster the drying time
  • By the way: Dehydrated food can be prepared again by adding watter (hot or cold) or by steaming. In this way, the food to be dried returns to its original size and consistency and can be further processed for a wide variety of dishes.

Optimal drying thanks to Dry Balance Technology

The dehydrator is smaller than a microwave and uses up less energy than an oven. It can be set to the optimum temperature between 30°C and 70°C for any dried product, adjust the temperature to 57°C for fruit, 52°C for vegetables, herbs and meat or 46°C to 52°C for nuts and kernels.The positioning of the fan at the rear guarantees an even distribution of the heat. The GRAEF dehydrators includes four, six, eight or ten drying grids, which allow different foods to be dried at the same time but separately. In addition to a set of three stainless steel trays, they are also available as additional accessory.

The highlight of the devices, another example for the well-thought-out GRAEF quality, is the dry balance technology for even heat distribution and air circulation inside the drying room. This removes water evenly and gently from all food. Depending on the temperature enzymes, vitamins and other valuable nutriets are preserved.


GRAEF dehydrators enrich the SlicedKitchen with foods that are both, healthy and aromatic.

The first idea is often the best. The oldest method of preserving food is also one of the best and healthiest: Dehydrating fruits by means of dry-hot desert air, thoughtful Mesopotamians came up with 5000 years ago.

Today, the GRAEF Dehydrator uses state-of-the-art technology to produce the dry climate needed for drying in every kitchen. He enriches the trend towards SlicedKitchen, the kitchen of filmy cuts, with a particularly healthy component.

Thanks to its size and its long running time of up to 40 hours, the device dehydrates fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts and much more in almost any desired quantity. It can also be used to make your own yogurt.

This and more makes the dehydrator the perfect kitchen helper for anyone who wants to be conscious, healthy in their lifestyle and not to waste any food.

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Delicious, practical, simple and healthy

GRAEF dehydrators turn vitamins into natural snacks within a few hours. For example for cereals or for muesli bars. The preparation of fermented foods, such as a healthy breakfast yoghurt with homemade muesli and fruit crisps as a topping, is possible, it turns pureed fruit into delicious fruit leather and makes softened crackers crispy again. Meat, which is best salted or marinated beforehand, just like fish can be dehydrated in less than 6 hours and processed into spicy jerkies. Also treats for the four-legged friends in the household are conceivable.

The advantages of the dehydrator are therefore obvious: it saves time and facilitates work, as dehydration is a very simple, inexpensive method of preservation. It saves space, as food in the dried state is lighter and smaller. It saves money because you can now produce dried-on treats yourself and process perishable food instead of disposing of it. Above all, drying is healthy because it preserves vitamins and other nutrients, and because it preserves food without any preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, or excess salt.

In short: A GRAEF dehydrator belongs in every kitchen, where sustainability and good taste is very important. With a few simple steps, a large number of different snacks can be made for a cosy evening with friends.

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