Practical kitchen helpers

The DeliKitchen is going on all day long

„With DeliKitchen we want to provide people tools that accompany them through the day and make their kitchen work way easier" says Managing Director Hermann Graef.

That is why the new product segment is characterized by Graef's typical combination of sophisticated technology and sophisticated design. An example of this is the kettle WK 500. The family-friendly all-rounder not only provides the tea and coffee water in no time, but is also suitable for heating baby food and disinfecting the baby bottle. Or the electric knife EK 500. It can be positioned upright after cutting so that the work surface always remains clean.




Mixing & Mincing - fast and efficient

The Stabmixer HB 500 , that can do it all - its accessories make it a little bit smaller rounder. Thanks to its powerful 800-watt motor, the stainless steel blades of the appliance can easily dislodge and grind any ingredient. Thanks to its extensive range of accessories, it can be used universally.

Der Zerkleinerer CH 500 works very fast and efficiently. He gets all the ingredients in an instant, be it herbs, fruits, vegetables or even nuts or meat. Above all, the four-blade stainless steel blade and the powerful 500-watt motor ensure this.

Das Elektromesser EK 500 from Graef goes through frozen food as well as butter. Whether bread or roast, pineapple, melons or even frozen pies. With two interchangeable knife sets, it easily splits everything that comes before the stainless steel blade into even slices.

Hand Blender HB502 With three-part accessory


€ 99.99*
Chopper CH502 Ideal for chopping


€ 59.99*
Electric Knife EK502 with two blades


RRP € 49.99* € 44.99*
Stainless steel electric kettle WK902 1,2 litres, with temperature settings


€ 149.99*
Toaster TO92 Long slot toaster


€ 109.99*
Slicer SKS902, black incl. Combi-Attachment PRO


€ 849.99*

Breakfast in classy matte...

For those who value style and enjoyment, Graef has arranged its breakfast series around the indispensable food slicer. The SKS 900 series, the WK 902 water heater and the TO92 long-wheeling toaster are combined in the premium series edition with unmistakable accents on the kitchen unit.

If you like the Espresso Espresso Maker, you can also stylishly add the Pivalla filter holder machine to this design series. All units are characterized by their stainless steel look with black matt lacquered elements, by a sophisticated technical interior as well as solid and high-quality workmanship.

 ... or exciting high gloss

The breakfast companion is also available for the friends of glossy white. All devices can be combined freely. As in this example. The slicers of the SKS 100 series are the entry-level models into the creative disc kitchen and the filter coffee machine FK 701 prepares the fragrant coffee quite simply. Unless tea is desired, then the compact kettle WK 401 is used. The compilation is in any case space-saving and finds its place in the small kitchen. And she gets her white thread for a consistently young design.

Slicer SKS100, white incl. Combi-Attachment


€ 129.99*
Stainless steel electric kettle WK401 1,0 litre, small and compact


€ 54.99*
Toaster TO61 Compact, for 2-slices of toast


€ 69.99*
Slicer SKS110, red incl. Combi-Attachment


€ 149.99*
Toaster TO63 Compact, for 2-slices of toast

Out of stock

€ 69.99*
Stainless steel electric kettle WK403 1,0 litre, small and compact

Out of stock

€ 54.99*

Red stands for passion
The new series with five practical GRAEF devices makes the day more aesthetic and enjoyable than ever

The red slicers from the SKS 100 series are just as much a part of it as the filter coffee machine FK 703, the milk frother MS 703, the water cooker WK 403 and the toaster TO 63. All appliances are presented in a uniform, colorful design. Combined by the high-quality and unmistakable silver-colored band they express at first glance their affiliation with the Graef family. And the new color - red as the love and the rising morning sun - awakens the spirits and makes you want to every new day. All in all, whoever values the importance of having a stylish and enjoyable day, should opt for red.

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