Hand blender for every kitchen -

Hand blender for every kitchen


Battery hand blender HB802 - GRAEF's new cordless one

  • Battery instead of cable - for more flexibility
  • SteplessTouchControl - regulates the speed steplessly up to 13.500 rpm
  • Versatile accessories including the storage box and the cleaning brush
  • Low weight ensures fatiguee-free work

Cordless Hand Blender HB802

With four-part accessory
€ 199.99*

Hand Blender HB500 - small allrounder in set with large accessories

There is space in the smallest kitchen  – or at least it should be for such a small, handy allrounder like the GRAEF HB500 in black (HB502) and white (HB501) with a stainless steel hand blender. Thanks to its powerfull 800-Watt motor, the machine’s stainless stee blade effortlessly purges, mixes and shreds every ingredient and is universally applicable thanks to its wide range of accessories.

Five speeds and turbo stage

What can you actually do with a hand blender?

Whether its about conjuring up soups, milkshakes, juices or smoothies on the table, whipping cream, stirring dough smoothly or preparing mayonnaise - owners of the HB500 can manage that quickly and easily.

You can choose between the stepless speed setting and the turbo stage. The hand blender owes its versatility to its accessories such as the whisk or the chopper for cheese, herbs and nuts. The 700 ml measuring cup and the chopper container (each without rubber ring) aswell as the whisk (without the adapter) are dishwasher-safe. Last but not least, kitchen work is fun with the GRAEF hand blender. Because the high-quality plastic housing - available in black or white - is ergonomically shaped and makes a good figure in any kitchen.

Conclusion: For those who want to cook quickly, efficiently and creatively at the same time, the versatile GRAEF hand blender HB500 in a set with extensive accessories is an absolute must.


Product highlights HB500:

  • Comfort-hand-blender with high-quality plastic-housing and stainless steel blender
  • Powerfull 800-Watt high-speed motor with up to 13.000 rpm
  • Blender with 4 stainless steel blades and anti-splash-function
  • Stepless speed control with click adjustment, additional turbo function

Hand Blender HB502

With three-part accessory
€ 99.99*

Hand Blender HB501

with three-part accessory
€ 99.99*