Knife sharpeners - for sharp blades -

Knife sharpeners - for sharp blades


GRAEF knife sharpeners guarantee a perfect grind and thus the longevity of your cutting tools.

Knives and cutting tools have been common in all cultures for ages. They were considered a symbol of power, art objects and multifunctional tools. It was extremely important and often vital to possess a knife or weapon with the necessary sharpness. Thus, over centuries, the profession of knife sharpener has created a high status in society. A craft of the highest precision and dexterity! Therefore, knife sharpening was until now mainly reserved for professionals. Now you come to the pleasure, conceivably simple, with the craftsman precision of the knife sharpener to sharpen your cutting tool yourself!


Your advantages:

  • GRAEF knife sharpeners (except Pronto / CC80) are equipped with very precise, elastic angle guides for any knife quality. The blade is thus sharpened much more accurately and "sharper" than with comparable devices.
  • Our knife sharpeners use diamond dust on the grinding discs for minimum material removal from the knife. As a result, the wheels can run much slower compared to other sharpeners. This results in less friction on the knife steel and the blade does not anneal.
  • The ceramic stage for honing/polishing at the end of the sharpening process works very finely compared to other sharpeners. Here, too, there is almost no material removal.

Phase 1: Grinding

Simplest handling due to precise blade guidance

Perfect build-up of the cutting edge due to slowly rotating, diamond-coated wheels.

  • 20° grinding angle: Suitable for all household, leisure and commercial knives.
  • 15° grinding angle: Suitable for Japanese knives

Phase 2: Polishing

Gentle restoration of sharpness through a honing stage. A flexible faceplate straightens the grade again. The knife is perfectly sharpened.

Diamond knife sharpener CC120

20° sharpening angle, 3-Phases
€ 189.99*

Diamond knife sharpener CX110

15° grinding angle, 2-phase grinding
€ 139.99*

Diamond knife sharpener CX125

15° grinding angle, 3-phase grinding
€ 199.99*

Diamond knife sharpener CC150

15°/20° sharpening angle, 2-Phases
RRP € 239.99* € 219.99*

Manual knife sharpener PICCOLO

20° grinding angle, 2-phase grinding
€ 10.99*

Manual knife sharpener PRONTO

20° grinding angle, 2-phase grinding
€ 44.99*

Hybrid knife sharpener CC80

20° sharpening angle, 2-Phases
€ 84.99*

Diamond knife sharpener CC105

20° grinding angle, 2-phase grinding
€ 129.99*