Anniversary Slicer Manuale H1920

"100 years Graef", incl. lunch box
€ 149.99*

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Manual slicer with free lunch box

Hand cranked, the first slicers from Graef worked their way through cheese, bread and ham in 1956. Today, the manual all-purpose slicer Manuale fits again absolutely into the time

The H 1920 manuals with their cream-colored case and anniversary logo are a reminder of the time when people consciously worked hard to save money.

And the kitchen gadgets reliably delivered - even what they promised. The nostalgic bread box made of precious shiny metal is available for this anniversary cutter.

Slicer Classic C15

Anniversary Edition - 50 years Classic
€ 299.99* € 199.99*

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Noble Champagne Gold - Classic C15 Anniversary Edition

With the limited anniversary edition Classic C15 and its exclusive special equipment, Graef is now celebrating the invention of the electric universal cutter 50 years ago.

Thanks to the serrated stainless steel blade (Ø 17 cm), which is driven by the powerful 170 Watt capacitor motor, you will achieve perfect discs with every cut. No matter if you want to cut hard bread crusts or soft cheese.

Slicer MultiCut Plus, pastel turquoise

incl. MiniSlice attachment & bread bag
€ 284.96* € 199.00*

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Slicer MultiCut Plus, red

incl. MiniSlice attachment & bread bag
€ 284.96* € 199.00*

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High performance in a small space

The cantilevered machine hovers above a shatterproof and hygienic glass base plate that catches the material to be cut. The work surface, which is inclined by 15 degrees, also ensures even easier operation and excellent cutting results.

In addition to the MiniSlice attachment, a plastic tray, a bread bag and a Johann Lafer recipe booklet round off the comprehensive scope of delivery of the universal slicer.

Filter coffee machines

Filter coffee machine FK502

Glass jug, timer & large brew head
€ 59.99*


The timing is right

More and more Frahlinglovers are turning to fine, pure beans, whose aromas are particularly effective in filter coffee. For all those who like to drink one cup more but have little time in the morning, Graef has developed the FK 502 filter coffee machine from the Family Line. The machine with its sophisticated technology and elegant design is particularly easy to operate and pre-program.

Thanks to a timer, users can precisely set the time for coffee preparation in advance. Ideal for those who are in a hurry in the morning: When they sit down at the breakfast table, the coffee is already freshly brewed.

Filter coffee machine FK412

Thermo jug & large brew head
€ 69.99*


Extra long coffee enjoyment

Since more and more coffee connoisseurs are attaching importance to fine, pure beans, the filter coffee machines that are best suited for this purpose, such as the FK 412 from the Graef Young Line, are (again) coming back into fashion. It is characterized by the chic design and robust technology for which the Arnsberg-based family business is known.

The FK 412 is equipped with a double-walled stainless steel thermo jug for 8 to 12 cups. A swing-out funnel holds the filter bag and makes it very easy to fill the machines with ground coffee.

Mixing & Grinding

Table Blender TB501

With two-part accessory
€ 119.99*


For Smoothies & Co.

Graefs Standmixer TB 501 works as safe and fast as it is versatile. It purees the ingredients for hearty soups and smoothies just as professionally as it crushes ice or mixes a cocktail.

Powerful performance, noble design and versatility are happily combined in the TB 501 stand mixer from Graef. The TB 501 drives its six-bladed stainless steel blades with an extra strong 1000 watts. They process soft ingredients such as fruit or vegetables just as quickly and evenly as hard nuts, ice cubes or frozen berries.

Coffee grinder CM802

The test winner coffee grinder!
€ 179.99*


Fresh ground coffee on demand

Packaged in the professional design of the black matt lacquered aluminium housing, the CM 802 coffee grinder offers extended functions for individual adjustment to coffee bean & preparation - from fine grind for espresso, medium grind for filter coffee to coarse grind for French Press.

The slow running motor in combination with the use of a stainless steel cone grinder prevents the loss of aroma from the coffee. You can choose between 40 grinding degree settings via the convenient adjustment collar. In addition, the upper grinding mechanism allows for further fine adjustment.

Knife Sharpener

Manual knife sharpener PICCOLO

20° grinding angle, 2-phase grinding
€ 9.99*


Small & compact

Use it anywhere, on the go and in between - With the manual mini knife sharpener Piccolo from Graef you can sharpen your knives anytime - whether at home in the kitchen or on the way while camping or hunting. Thanks to its two sharpening levels of tungsten carbide (level 1) and ceramic (level 2), knives regain their sharpness quickly and effortlessly. The PICCOLO from Graef replaces the classic sharpening steel and is much easier to handle.

Drying machines

Free Drying Book - With the purchase of a drying machine you receive a free book about drying

Free Drying Book

With the purchase of a drying machine you receive a free book about drying

Mini-Dehydrator DA2042

with 4 slots
€ 129.99*


Dehydrator DA506

with 6 slots
€ 189.99*


Dehydrator DA508

with 8 slots
€ 219.99*


Dehydrator DA510

with 10 slots
€ 249.99*



Graef drying machines turn vitamins into natural snacks within a few hours. And if you harvest fruit, vegetables or herbs in your own garden, you can use the device to preserve everything that you don't eat fresh without any problems - completely without preservatives, artificial colorings or flavorings or excess salt. Graef's dehydrating machines use state-of-the-art technology to create the dry climate necessary for dehydration in every kitchen. Thus they enrich the trend towards sliced cooking, the kitchen of fine cuts.

With the purchase of any automatic dehydrator (DA2042 / DA506 / DA508 / DA510) in the Graef Onlineshop you will receive a unique recipe book from star cook SU VÖSSING about dehydration in the amount of 19,99€ as a gift!

In addition, you will also receive a Lurch® muesli bar form worth €19.40 free of charge when you order one of our DA500 models!