GRAEF fine slicer SKS700

free-running solid stainless steel blade -

free-running solid stainless steel blade

Precise fine adjustment for slicing thickness -

Precise fine adjustment for slicing thickness

Unique illumination - LED-Safety-Control -

Unique illumination - LED-Safety-Control

Solid steel blade in professional quality -

Solid steel blade in professional quality

Fine Slicer SKS700, silver

incl. Combi-Attachment PRO
€ 669.99*

Fine Slicer SKS700, off-white

incl. Combi-Attachment PRO
€ 669.99*

Fine Slicer SKS700, ruby

incl. Combi-Attachment PRO
€ 669.99*

Fine Slicer SKS700, iron mica

incl. Combi-Attachment PRO
€ 669.99*

GRAEF slicer SKS700 - showtime for your favourite dish

The first illuminated fine slicer for a clear view in the kitchen

Lights on and full cutting power ahead - the new GRAEF fine slicer SKS700, is packed with 100 years of experience and numerous new features that make the hearts of real design and technology fans beat faster. The unique, unprecedented lighting concept of the elegant powerhouse not only brings particularly stylish light into the kitchen darkness, it also makes working with the new fine slicer safer than ever. Because whether it's dusk or dawn, tired eyes or just dark kitchen corners - thanks to the new lighting on the setting scale and cutting area, no ingredient can hide from the tirelessly cutting solid steel blade. The high-quality materials are so perfectly coordinated that they leave no room for compromises when it comes to the cutting result.

100 % design, 100 % power – cut by cut

The solid steel blade integrated in the frame glides effortlessly, almost raised, through the material to be sliced on the stainless steel support of the carriage and can only be heard when steel hits the crust. You can see it at any time - thanks to the new lighting concept. This makes cuts even more precise and nocturnal hungry hunters can easily prepare a midnight snack on their late prey hunt. And if you forget to switch off the fine cutter because of the sheer enjoyment, the stand-by mode will help, which switches off the lighting of the scale ring and the knife after five minutes. Clever: If the limit stop is still open at this time, the red light pulses as a reminder before the stand-by mode is activated. After that, only the red lighting keeps watch until the limit stop is finally closed - for even more safety.

GRAEF SKS700 fine slicer receives award
Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022

Puristic, elegant and beautifully designed - the first illuminated fine slicer from GRAEF wins the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022. One hundred years of concentrated experience, numerous features and a unique lighting concept are contained in the SKS700 slicer from the family-owned company. The award clearly shows that this not only makes the hearts of tech and kitchen appliance fans beat faster, but also fascinates real design lovers.

The Red Dot Award is one of the largest design competitions in the world. Participants submit products, communication works and brands as well as prototypes and concepts in three disciplines. The GRAEF food slicer convinced the international jury all along the line and now carries the award, which stands internationally for outstanding design quality.

Test result "very good" - the SKS700 fine slicer in a practical test

At the end of 2020, the Graef SKS700 food slicer underwent a practical test at The new fine slicer was convincing all along the line and rightly received the grade "very good" (1.0) from the test editors. Conclusion of the testers: "The Graef SKS700 universal slicer is a high-quality, impeccably manufactured device and our hero, which precisely and effortlessly slices food in the range from 0 to 20 mm - regardless of whether the material to be sliced is hard or soft. The additional fine cut setting in the range of 0 to 2 mm is very helpful - here the machine delivers razor-thin, even cutting results. The universal slicer ... is worth every euro in our opinion."



Cool, solid full metal meets rounded, slim shapes and shatterproof glass - the new all-purpose slicer from GRAEF is not only a powerful all-rounder, it is also the new eye-catcher on the kitchen counter.


Fine cutting

Thanks to the new fine cutting range, ingredients can even be cut extremely delicately in 0.25-millimeter increments - for even more flavor! A special fine adjustment in the cutting thickness range of 0 - 2 mm ensures that the whisper-quiet running solid steel blade glides through meat, vegetables and co. with millimeter precision - for cutting results without compromise!



Particularly safe and smart: the new LED Safety Control. Thanks to it, the new SKS700 indicates in the kitchen whether the limit stop is still open. Because while the integrated light initially glows blue, it changes to red after about a minute - a constant reminder that the sharp blade is still open and ready for use.


Blade cover plate

Only the outer edge of the blade runs through the internal blade cover plate made of stainless steel and guarantees the best cutting results due to the low friction.


Maintenance-free motor technology

The GRAEF SKS700 slicer is equipped with a 170-watt capacitor motor. This high-torque motor is whisper-quiet, maintenance-free and powerful. At constant speed, the motor ensures effortless slicing without loss of power. With its solid "Made in Germany" construction, the motor produces the best cutting results.


Simple, safe blade removal

Thanks to a special device for blade removal, the blade cover is simply released with a flick of the wrist. The blade can be safely removed after successful use and freed from grease and cutting residues.


Five-year warranty

Extra long and a promise of quality is also the warranty period: a whole five years. Only the best and most durable materials are used in this GRAEF slicer. For example, the smooth, solid steel blade turned from a single piece of steel with its hollow grind is of gastronomic quality. The capacitor motor is also absolutely maintenance-free and has been in use for decades in other GRAEF models.


MiniSlice attachment

Enhanced with our worldwide unique and patented MiniSlice attachment, the SKS700 food slicer can process even the smallest foods such as mushrooms or strawberries evenly and wafer-thin - without putting your fingers in danger. The patented attachment makes use of gravity - the food falls through the 65 mm opening at a 45-degree angle directly to the blade. Tomato carpaccio without squeezed-out seeds? Onion slicing without crying? No problem for our MiniSlice attachment.


Sustainable and regional

When developing the GRAEF SKS700 slicer, we placed particular emphasis on sustainability and regionality. For example, 85% of the components used come from regional suppliers in North Rhine-Westphalia, "Made in Germany" at its best. The product packaging is also designed to be sustainable. At the end of their product life cycle, the GRAEF slicing machines can be returned to the recycling chain, disassembled into their individual parts.

100 % quality, 100 % convenience - for fast work in the kitchen.

Whether it's the switch-on lock to protect against curious children's hands, the high-quality material, the precise workmanship, "Made in Germany", or the well thought-out design - the "Most Innovative Brand 2020" according to the Plus-X Award jury has thought about both the cutting experience and result as well as the time afterwards with its new universal slicer. For example, the many freely accessible surfaces can be cleaned with a wipe. And the carriage with stainless steel support and the scraper can also be conveniently removed and cleaned. And if even the hardest blade gets tired after all that cutting and cleaning, it will regain its former strength in no time at all with the accompanying knife sharpener - for razor-sharp slices and enjoyment.

SKS700 food slicer - what the food bloggers say

Some well-known big names from the food blogger scene have taken a closer look at our new SKS700 fine slicer and created some great recipes with it.
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Let's Cook mit Julian










Studio Bonn also took a closer look at our SKS700 fine slicer in a very entertaining video and tested it extensively. The conclusion is clear:
"The SKS700, an absolutely innovative model with the safety and lighting concept, this precision in the cutting width adjustment - just wonderful to use. It makes a very very high-quality impression, is really processed to a high standard..."

Adjustment knob with illuminated adjustment scale

The ergonomic adjustment knob for cutting thickness and fine cut adjustment has an illuminated adjustment scale. The material used is easy to grip and very easy to clean.

Maximum precision

Accurate to the millimetre? No way! Thanks to the new fine cutting range, ingredients can even be cut wafer-thin in 0.25-millimetre increments - for even more flavour!

Solid, hard-anodised and abrasion-resistant aluminium fence

0 % clearance for 100 % fine cut - the anodised stop does not give a millimetre even with stubborn cutting material. This means that even 0.2 millimetre precision cuts are possible. The stop also has a juice groove at the bottom edge so that liquids (e.g. from tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.) can be collected.

Stylish design

The modern design of this universal slicer fits perfectly into your kitchen. The SKS 700 is available in the trendy colours silver, grey-white, ruby red and micaceous iron grey.

Illuminated cutting area

Part of the innovative lighting concept of the Graef SKS700 universal slicer is also the illuminated cutting area, which additionally illuminates the cut slice and thus enormously simplifies operation even in low ambient light.

Full metal blade protection ring

The full-metal blade protection ring not only gives the SKS700 a unique premium look, but also protects the all-round cutter's full-steel blade and covers it securely. At the same time, the blade protection ring simplifies cleaning of the blade.

Hollow-ground solid steel blade

No crust is too hard, no ham too juicy - the sharp blade glides gently and tirelessly through any food. The design of the free-running knife not only looks good, but also makes it easier to clean the professional knife in commercial quality.

Unsupported construction

The solid, shatterproof glass base plate is hygienic and very easy to clean.


Most accidents happen after cutting - that's why the unique GRAEF safety concept of the SKS 700 continuously reminds you when the stop is open. Blue light signals that the cutter is ready for use. After one minute, the light changes to red and starts pulsating after another 240 seconds - until the stop is closed. 100 % innovation for 100 % safety.

Powerful performance - whisper quiet

The maintenance-free condenser motor is not only powerful, it also works silently, quietly and tirelessly - day after day, pane after pane.

Easy-running carriage

The easy-running carriage with hygienic stainless steel support has an ergonomic and intuitive carriage control with momentary and continuous function: With the momentary function, simple switching and cutting is possible with one hand. The machine only runs when you keep the button pressed. Since it is best to switch intuitively with the thumb, this is also optimally protected at the same time. By pressing the continuous function, the machine runs continuously. This makes it easy to cut up a large quantity.