Table blender -

Table blender

Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts quickly mashed

Power, sophisticated design and versatility have been combined in the Graef blender TB 500 (available in black or white)

It blends ingredients for hearty soups and smoothies as effortlessly as it crushes ice or mixes cocktails.

A powerful 1000-watt motor rotates the four blades. They process soft ingredients such as fruit or vegetables as fast and smoothly as nuts, ice cubes or frozen berries. Thanks to a grinder setting, it can even be used as a coffee grinder. The speed can be varied and the blender has automatic settings for smoothies and crushed ice. A pulse button makes sure that hard-to-mix ingredients do not stick to the blades.

Drink bottle for smoothies on the go
The removable glass jug holds 1.75 litres of liquid. A practical detail: the TB 500 has an opening in the lid which allows users to add further ingredients during blending. Additional attachments included with delivery are a detachable drink bottle (0.6-litre capacity) – for example for smoothies – and a container for processing food (0.2 litres). Its versatility means that the blender TB 500 by Graef, available in black or white, is almost a small food processor in itself.

By the way: The blender complies with latest safety standards. It can only be operated when the lid is closed.