Waffle maker - Waffles are ready!

Waffle maker

Waffles are ready!

Blindingly easy prepared and eaten up in a blink.

With the new Graef stainless steel waffle makers and their numerous technical highlights, even the most creative waffles can be prepared.

Waffles have always been a favoured pastry for young and old. Regardless of which occasion: as a pastry with coffee in the afternoon together with friends and family or as a delicious snack for a children’s birthday party.


Waffle iron WA80

for delicious waffles
€ 109.99*

Cone maker HE80

for crispy cones
€ 109.99*

This is why we developed the new waffle makers WA80 and WA85 –

for your perfect waffle enjoyment.

No matter which waffles you would like to prepare: The taste can vary from typically sweet to creatively hearty - with our stainless steel waffle makers you can blindingly easy bake golden brown waffles in hearts shape (Ø approx. 20 cm) and with the unique Graef waffle structure. For a preferably healthy and fat-reduced waffle baking, our waffle makers are nonstick-coated.

Therefore, you don‘t need to grease the device before every usage. Of course, we also attach special importance to security and comfort regarding our waffle makers: The heatinsulated housing made of stainless steel in sandwich-construction is corresponding to the new thermal insulation act. With the cable rewind including a plug holder respectively the possibility for vertical positioning, the appliances can simply and quickly be storaged in the kitchen cupboard. Concerning the actual baking process, we also realized simplicity: Via the innovative touch control panel, 6 different baking levels can be adjusted and the “Baking-Light“ helps you to perfectly prepare your waffles. In addition, an acoustic signal is indicating, that the baking-process is finished.

And after the waffle baking?

Due to the internal hinge, the nonstick coating and the heightened edge for keeping the fat inside the appliance, the Graef stainless steel waffle makers can be cleaned simply and quickly. Classical and timeless design in combination with the latest technics and the processing of high-quality materials, such as matt-finished (WA 80) or high-polished (WA 85) stainless steel, the new Graef waffle makers will become indispensable baking assistants in your kitchen.

Delicious waffles recipes

Use our WA 80 and WA 85 waffle irons to make delicious waffles.


You can also enjoy crispy cones with our crispy cone maker HE 80.

We wish you lots of fun and good appetite with these delicious waffle recipes.