The wolf in aluminium clothing

As expected, this wolf delivers what everyone knows in the kitchen: Minced meat for burger patties, roast meat for classics and exotic sausages and the classic: meatballs. But it can also be experimented with: Frozen fruits turn into smoothies, the fillings for dumplings become particularly delicate and the kebab attachment is the gateway to an oriental cuisine. The biscuit attachment prepares a lot of crispy anticipation of the atmospheric Christmas time very quick.


The optimal rate of flow and the blocking capacity of up to 2,000 watts ensure that hardly any residues of the wolf material remains in the system. In addition to two speed levels and a reverse run a digital display ensures the precision of the work. The three-piece cutting attachment also includes a pre-cutter in addition to a knife and perforated disc.

The different perforated discs are stored conveniently in the device. In addition, a sausage hopper, a Kebbe and a biscuit attachment are also included. The simple removal of the screw housing and the filling tray makes cleaning easy.