Smart Tuning - The MiniSlice Attachment for your slicer

Smart Tuning

The MiniSlice Attachment for your slicer

Small part, great pleasure

The MiniSlice attachment fits on almost every GRAEF universal cutter ever built.

With the cool part on your machine, you can even cut small items very delicately at top speed. Whether cucumber, salami or cherry tomato: Everything slides easily into the knife by itself, without risking your fingers or leaving annoying leftovers.

Even small foods only develop their full flavour and enamel on the palate when they are razor-thin.



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Gentle as a rocker

Slices even the smallest ingredients super thin and gives them a casual oval cut.

Assembly no problem

Just get on the sled and off you go!

This is how your machine handles even the smallest material

Diameter = 55 mm

Everyone becomes an Easy Rider

Easy, even and fast cutting of anything that is small and tasty.

Fill in, take off, cruise

Vegetables, fruit and other small ingredients slide down by gravity on their own, towards the knife, and are cut safely and comfortably.

Born to Slice

Thanks to the 45-degree angle, it is quick and safe, without pressing or pushing.

Mini-Slice attachment 1050, round Small part, great pleasure


€ 39.99*
MiniSlice attachment for slicing machines With angular carriage support


€ 39.99*
Slicer SKS 903, red incl. MiniSlice attachment


€ 849.99*

MiniSlice attachment for slicing machines

With angular carriage support
€ 39.99*


Mini-Slice attachment 1050, round

Small part, great pleasure
€ 39.99*


The little one for the finer things

With the MiniSlice attachment your slicer processes 
even the smallest ingredients or sliced goods

Kiwis, carrots, radishes, olives, strawberries - no product is too small for the Graef slicers. This is made possible by the world innovation of the company: the MiniSlice attachment.

Once the sophisticated accessories are sitting on the carriage of the universal slicer, all you have to do is put the desired ingredients into the feed chute and they are delivered by gravity to the rotating knife. This is simple, practical and above all, completely safe for the fingertips. Even the smallest vegetables or fruit can be cut wonderfully.

The MiniSlice attachment fits on every Graef universal slicer ever built (except Genio sledge). Depending on the model, a round or square attachment is available.

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If it has to be rich in vitamins

The patented MiniSlicer all-purpose slicer attachment ensures healthy freshness

  • Fast, safe working
  • Especially suitable for fresh, small ingredients
  • Leaves no food leftovers

In the young kitchen, where health and sustainability are particularly in demand, the MiniSlice attachment from Graef is a welcome helper. Because the patented accessory not only works safely and quickly. It is particularly suitable for cutting vitamin-rich fruit, fresh vegetables, mushrooms and small potatoes into wafer-thin slices, for example for a fresh salad or a delicious casserole.
And in such a way that no leftovers are left over. The bread slicer is thus developing into a vegetable slicing machine.

More on sustainability

Universal cutter incl. MiniSlice attachment

Slicer "PremiumCut" Lafer Edition

incl. MiniSlice attachment and many more
€ 329.99*


Slicer SlicedKitchen SKS 500, red

incl. MiniSlice attachment & storage box
€ 349.99*


Products excl. MiniSlice attachment

Slicer Master M90, silver

incl. MiniSlice attachment
€ 389.99*


Slicer SKS 100, red

incl. MiniSlice attachment
€ 129.99*


Slicer SKS 320, silver

incl. MiniSlice attachment
€ 209.99*


Slicer Vivo V10, silver

incl. MiniSlice attachment
€ 209.99*


Slicer Classic C20, silver

incl. MiniSlice attachment
€ 274.99*


Slicer SKS 903, red

incl. MiniSlice attachment
€ 849.99*


MiniSlice attachment as your assistant

Taste and garnishing

  • New taste experiences and new recipes
  • Awakens creativity and the desire to experiment
  • Recycling food completely

Also and especially - for professionals and ambitious hobby cooks, Graef's patented MiniSlice attachment is a welcome kitchen assistant that they like to experiment with. Because the same applies to small slices as to large ones: wafer-thin slices open up new taste experiences and thus completely new recipes. For example, berries, small fruits or exotic fruits can be processed into fine slices when frozen. With a little creativity, well-known dishes can be enriched with unusual taste nuances and decorated in an appetizing way. And: all ingredients can be used without any residues.

Sustainable budgeting

Food can be stored longer and kept fresh thanks to universal cutters

  • Food purchased in one piece stays fresh longer when served as cold cuts
  • Moisture and aromas are retained longer
  • Many plastic packagings become superfluous

The universal cutter helps us to budget sustainably. Everyone knows that a loaf of bread that is only sliced when needed dries out much more slowly and therefore stays fresh much longer.

Bread is best stored at room temperature and in airtight containers - baker's bags or cloth bags are particularly suitable. Sliced bread should be placed with the cut surface facing downwards. This way it dries out more slowly. Bread should never be stored in the refrigerator.

When bought as cold cuts, sausage, ham and cheese lose their aromas after only a few days. This is because they offer larger surfaces over which moisture and taste can evaporate more easily - while bacteria can collect on them more easily. On the other hand, those who buy food that is suitable for slicing in one piece also avoid unnecessary plastic packaging.

Air-dried or smoked sausage such as salami can be stored in the cellar in dry air and at a maximum of 20°C for several weeks. Raw ham can also be stored naturally without refrigeration due to the use of water and long maturing and smoking times. Care should be taken to ensure that the ham is in contact with air all around.

Pork sausage like boiled sausage in one piece keeps up to six days in the refrigerator. Cooked and smoked ham also belong in the refrigerator. They keep best at 0 to 7°C. Ham pieces in the refrigerator keep for about three weeks at about 10°C.

Cheese also gives more pleasure in the piece. The natural product changes during storage and matures. Cheese should always be stored dark, cool and dry, preferably at temperatures between 9 and 12°C. The vegetable compartment in the refrigerator is therefore suitable for storage, as the temperature fluctuations are lowest there.

Suitable packaging for cheese is cheese paper as well as plastic tins with air holes to allow the cheese to breathe. It is best to pack each piece individually so that the flavours of the cheeses do not mix.

In short: Those who appreciate fresh food, do not waste food and want to do something for the environment will find reliable allies in the Graef-Allesschneidern.

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