3x Water Filter Cartridge

Milegra ESM802EU
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3x Milegra ESM802EU water filter cartridge

Water filter cartridge for insertion into the water tank of the espresso machine ESM802EU.

The water filter improves the water quality in the water tank. The filter purifies the tap water and also improves the natural taste and aroma. This water filter is an ion exchanger that reduces the formation of limescale, which can extend the life of the machine.

The filter lasts for about 2 months with normal use of the machine. If the machine is left unused with the filter installed, it will last a maximum of 3 weeks.

Note: The cartridge does not protect against limescale - so changing the cartridge regularly does not mean you should not descale.

The cartridge must always be removed for descaling. The filter cartridge is only suitable for the ESM802EU milegra.

You can use this item for the following GRAEF product:

Milegra ESM802EU portafilter espresso machine 

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