Spare blade set Classic

With serrated knife
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Sets at a special price compared to single UVP

This set contains the following GRAEF products:

1x serrated knife Classic
1x scraper ring Classic
4x Vaseline 5,5g

Serrated knife Classic

You can use this article for the following GRAEF products:

  • Classic C 180 (C180EU)
  • Classic C 9 (C9EU)
  • Classic C 10 (C10EU
  • Classic C 90 (C90EU)
  • Classic C 20 (C20EU)
  • Classic 170 (C170DE)
  • Classic C 184 (C184EU
  • Classic C 185 (C185DE)
  • 168 Comfort Plus (C168DE)
  • EH170T (EH170T)
  • EH174T (EH174T)
  • FA170T (FA170T)
  • FA174T (FA174T)
  • FA180T (FA180T)

Scraper ring Classic: Enables the smooth scraping of the cutting material from the knife. Suitable for the Classic series of universal cutters.

Vaseline: Bag of Vaseline for regular greasing of the knife gear wheel, the knife screw, the scraper ring or the sliding mushrooms. We recommend this especially after every cleaning.

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