• Elegant stainless steel/aluminium housing
  • Espresso pump (max. 16 bar) and steam pump (max. 6 bar)
  • Buttons for single and double espresso and manual handling
+ free coffee grinder

Espresso machine baronessa

Dual circuit with Double-Thermoblock
€ 999.99
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The GRAEF "baronessa" espresso machine now makes the perfect cappuccino faster. Thanks to its dual-pump system with two separate heating circuits, this model can prepare espresso and milk foam simultaneously without long heating times.

Whether in the morning, after lunch or during work - nothing perks up tired spirits faster than an aromatic espresso or a cappuccino with a fine milk foam topping. With its high-gloss look and chic stainless steel and aluminum housing, the "baronessa" is an eye-catcher in any kitchen. But it doesn't just look bella figura, it also works particularly quickly.

The appliance is ready for use after only a short heat-up. The Single- or Doppio-button can be used to prepare a single or double espresso at the touch of a button. Both the hot water and milk froth nozzles can be rotated 360 degrees.

The pressure gauge always shows the current brewing pressure during preparation. To ensure that the espresso and crema turn out perfectly, the "baronessa" relies on pre-infusion technology: here, the coffee powder is moistened before the actual extraction.

With the help of the control panel, both the water temperature (PID control) for espresso preparation and the steam humidity can be adjusted. In addition, the cup volume can be set for one or two cups of espresso.

The "baronessa" has 3 descaling programs for the brewing head and the steam or hot water lance. A programmable descaling reminder after a consumption of 12, 25 or 50 liters of water is also part of the equipment.

High gloss / black matte
manometer, Hardness adjustment with descaling indicator (12, 25, 50 liters adjustable), 360° rotatable milk froth attachment, Pre-infusion and puck drainage, Steam moisture adjustable, individual barista-settings, Simple operation, Two separate heating systems, two separate pumps, Removable drip tray, Espresso and milk froth, Water tank, Manometer, Warming plate for cups, Decalcification program, 360° rotatable hot-water jet, Cleaning program, Single-/Double- Espresso and manual function, Freely programmable water volume, Programmable Hot water tempature (PID), 360° steam lance, Professional stainless steel group handle, Ulka pump, Thermoblock
Housing made of stainless steel, high polished / aluminium black matt, Espresso pump (max. 16 bar), Steam pump (max. 6 bar)
Measurements (L x W x H):
335 mm x 320 mm x 375 mm
230 V ~ 2515 W 50 Hz
10,9 kg
Scope of delivery:
Single-walled filter baskets for 1 and 2 cups Ø approx. 58 mm, Double-walled filter baskets for 1 and 2 cups Ø approx. 58 mm, 600ml stainless steel milk container, tamper, cleaning set, Group handle with two outlets, water filter (already installed in water tank)
Additional information:
FAQs: read more about our frequently asked questions regarding our espresso machines.
Product type:
Portafilter machine
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Measurements (L x W x H)

335 mm x 320 mm x 375 mm


315 mm x 425 mm x 480 mm

405 mm x 270 mm x 325 mm


360° rotatable hot-water jet

360° rotatable milk froth attachment

360° steam lance

Cleaning program

Decalcification program

Espresso and milk froth

Freely programmable water volume

Hardness adjustment with descaling indicator (12, 25, 50 liters adjustable)


Pre-infusion and puck drainage

Professional stainless steel group handle

Programmable Hot water tempature (PID)

Removable drip tray

Simple operation

Single-/Double- Espresso and manual function

Steam moisture adjustable


Two separate heating systems, two separate pumps

Ulka pump

Warming plate for cups

Water tank

individual barista-settings



1- /-2 cup function, freely programmable

4 pre-infusion programs (pre-infusion)

7 steam programs (wet to dry)

Active heated brewing head for highest temperature stability


Decalcification programs for each circuit and decalcification reminder

Designed and refined in Germany

Espresso Shot timer and manometer

High-quality housing

Hot water wand for warming cups

LCD Display

Lime filter cartridge

Manual handling by control lever

No-Burn steam plant

PID control: brewing temperature in +/-1°C steps from 86°C to 98°C

Passive holding plate

Passive warming plate

Pre-infusion and puck drainage

Professional steam performance with No burn steam wand

Removable 2,5 liter water tank

Shot Timer

Simple programming via Display


Easy to use

Milk froth

Preparation with coffee

Preparation with pads

Removable drip tray

Rotary knob for manual cover

Short pre-heating time

Single thermoblock heater



Ulka pump

Warming plate for cups

Water tank


Espresso pump (max. 16 bar), Steam pump (max. 6 bar)

Housing made of stainless steel, high polished / aluminium black matt


Espresso pump (max. 16 bar), Steam pump (max. 6 bar)

Stainless steel housing, highly polished

Triple-thermoblock with stainless steel pipes

Aluminum / stainless steel housing

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03.August 2022


Unverified rating

Seit März 2022 bei uns. Anfang war schwierig, aber nach einer Woche haben wir unsere Einstellungen geschafft. Jetzt nur eine Freude, egal ob Espresso, Cappuccino oder Milchkaffee - alles klappt.

02.November 2020


Unverified rating

Super Maschine, leicht und intuitiv zu bedienen, der Espresso wird schon relativ schnell relativ lecker. Absoulte Empfehlung

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