Master 3020 LS

Salmon cut
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The effective all-rounder among the food slicers

By the Master 3020 LS, the combination of motor and blade technology ensures high cutting capacity and a long edge retention. This ensures optimum traction at any kind of material to be cut.

Salmon cut

  • easy and fast filleting of frozen fish in temperature range from -8 deg. to -19 deg.
  • adjustable from 10 deg. to 40 deg.
  • for cleaning removeable
High quality components:
chemical resistant and unbreakable plastics
Piezzo-switch technology-safe, waterproof and indestructible
blade cover plate removeable
circular rubber frame for a clean conclusion on the footprint
free running blade
no drying or adhering og the cutting material - Cera 3
plain and everywhere exposable surface
removeable carriage and scarper
No color
Exterior dimensions:
600 x 570 x 420 mm
ergonomical handling of the end-piece holder
low method of construction
relaxing work by optimal sliding properties - Cera 3
smooth running carriage - internal guide
Investment security:
2 years warranty
long-standing and cost-efficient spare parts supply
servicefriendly setup
Motor power:
500 Watt/ 230 V ~ alternating or 400 V ~ three phase
Slicing length:
260 mm
Total vibration value:
2,5 m/s²
680 x 690 x 570 mm
Operating period:
continious run
Emission noise level:
< 69 dBA
Blade speed:
230 U/min
Blade (Ø mm):
300 mm
Slice thickness:
0 - 24 mm
37,1 kg
540 x 440 mm
2-step blade sharpener
special oil
Item no: