• Maintenance-free motor with air cooling system for continuous operation
  • Optimal ergonomics for tireless working
  • Countless customisation options

Master 3310 DS

Double Carriage

A meat cutter, on which you can put large pieces.

Because of the large cutting length of 300 mm there is no problem even for fresh meat varieties such as covers in processing anymore.

Double carriage

  • ideal for using in the meat sector
  • with internal 2nd feed slide
  • consistently cuts on soft cutting materials
  • for cleaning removeable
High quality components:
chemical resistant and unbreakable plastics, Piezzo-switch technology-safe, waterproof and indestructible
removeable carriage and wiper, no drying or adhering og the cutting material - Cera 3, circular rubber frame for a clean conclusion on the footprint, free running blade, smooth, freely accessible surfaces, blade cover plate removeable
Exterior dimensions:
650 x 605 x 445 mm
smooth running carriage - internal guide, relaxing work by optimal sliding properties - Cera 3, ergonomical handling of the end-piece holder, 2-step blade sharpener removeable, low method of construction
Motor power:
500 Watt/ 230 V ~ alternating or 400 V ~ three phase
Slicing length:
Investment security:
2 years warranty, long-standing and cost-efficient spare parts supply, servicefriendly setup
740 x 690 x 600 mm
Total vibration value:
2,5 m/s²
Operating period:
continious run
Emission noise level:
< 69 dBA
Blade speed:
230 U/min
Blade (Ø mm):
330 mm
Slice thickness:
0 - 24 mm
Carriage dimensions (LxW):
300 x 340 mm
41,2 kg
540 x 440 mm
special oil, 2-step blade sharpener
Item no: