Master SA 3370

Automatic cutting machine
  • Maintenance-free motor with air cooling system for continuous operation
  • Optimal ergonomics for tireless working
  • Countless customisation options
  • Piezzo switch technology – indestructible and waterproof
  • Powerful, compact slicer for use in the counter area, e.g. of butcher’s shops, in production or in restaurants and catering.
  • Unbreakable and chemical-resistant plastics
  • Free-running, smooth, hard chromium-plated high-performance blade, Ø 270–330 mm
  • Precise and infinitely adjustable slicing thickness, 0–24 mm
  • Smooth-running carriage with ergonomically designed food holder
  • Exceptional gliding properties and consistent, clean cut due to Cera 3 coating and precise guide grooves in the stop, closed blade cover plate and smooth-running carriage
  • Fast cleaning due to the smooth, freely accessible surfaces and removable hygiene-related parts
  • All-round rubber frame for outstanding stability and hygienic slicing environment
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Our fastest cutting machine

The combination of our patented feed system and the automatic caliber recognition makes this machine invincible.

Carriage with product feed

  • the high cutting material support bar ensure a fast and ideal attachment
  • enables also the cutting of tomatos and vegetables or of several calibers at the same time, too.
  • the removeable end-piece holder comb ensures an optimum pressure and warranties small end-pieces
  • carriage for cleaning removeabe


red and green button

  • on- off switch for blade motor

yellow button

  • on- off switch for carriage automatic

+ and - button

  • upon reaching a defaultnumber, the machine stops
  • without default, the machine counts the slices up

ECO modus

  • switching off is variable programmable after ,,x" seconds

automatic caliber recognition

  • by the first driving up of the carriage, the length of the cutting material will be detected and the moving stork defined. By short stroke there are 80 strokes / min.
  • with the ,,L"-button you can also define the stork length manually. Short 140 mm, medium 240 mm, long 295 mm.
  • with the ,,S" -button you can set the the stork speed manually. Also possible during the cutting process.

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High quality components:
Piezzo-switch technology-safe, waterproof and indestructible
chemical resistant and unbreakable plastics
smooth, freely accessible surfaces
no drying or adhering og the cutting material - Cera 3
free running blade
blade cover plate removeable
circular rubber frame for a clean conclusion on the footprint
No color
smooth running carriage - internal guide
low method of construction
relaxing work by optimal sliding properties - Cera 3
Total vibration value:
2,5 m/s²
Slicing length:
Motor power:
450 Watt/ 230 V ~ alternating or 400 V ~ three phase
Exterior dimensions:
660 x 620 x 510 mm
910 x 700 x 730 mm
Operating period:
continious run
Emission noise level:
< 69 dBA
Blade speed:
229 U/min
Blade (Ø mm):
330 mm
Slice thickness:
0 - 24 mm
Carriage dimensions (LxW):
300 x 340 mm
50 kg
585 x 440 mm
Item no:
master SA 3370
master SA 3370