Caffè Moak India Old Kent Single Origin

500g whole bean, bag
  • Profile in cup: This Arabica variety features slight acidity, strong notes of spices and citrus fruits, with a pleasant aftertaste of cinnamon and orange.
  • Variety: Arabica Selection 795
  • Processing method: Washed/dried in the sun
  • Harvest time: November - March
  • Elevation: 900 – 1,700 metres
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One of the earliest established plantations in India, Old Kent Estates, Coorg (Horoor Estate) is situated in the Western Ghats mountain range, a UNESCO biodiversity hotspot, which is home to numerous exotic flora & fauna. The coffee is still traditionally shade grown in a bird friendly environment, sustaining the fragile eco system. The estate was first developed in 1860s by a British planter, Lt. Col. W.R. Wright. Today, the estate is owned by the Thaikappa family, who continue to produce an exquisite variety of Arabica with the same passion and care.

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500g whole beans
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