Seal ring for brewing 5,9 cm

ES 70/80/ES81
€ 4.99
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Spare sealing ring for the thermoblock of the ES 70, ES 80 and ES81 espresso machines

Not suitable  for the screen carrier espresso machines ES 85/86 or ES 90/91/95, Pivalla ES702 and Contessa ES1000

To replace the sealing ring:

Using a screwdriver, remove the brewing filter/shower from the underside of the brewing head. Remove the screw and filter/filter strainer, put them in a safe place and replace the blue sealing ring. Now replace the filter/filter strainer and screw. Ready.

You can use this article for the following GRAEF products:

  • Screen carrier espresso machine ES 80 (ES 80)
  • Espresso machine ES 81 (ES81)
  • Screen carrier espresso machine ES 70 (ES 70)
  • Starter Set Plus (ES70+CM70) (ES 70 SET)
ca. 5,9 cm (außen gemessen)
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