Knife sharpener CC150 and SlicedKitchen knifes

  • Four part knife set for versatile tasks in the kitchen
  • Blades made of high quality chrome molybdenum steel, matt polished
  • Packed in attractive gift box
  • Electric blade sharpener with diamond and ceramic discs
  • 15° and 20° grinding angle, ideal for Asian blades as well as for smooth household, sports & leisure and industrial knives
  • Two-stage sharpening: sharpening with either a 15° or 20° angle, honing and polishing with ceramic discs
  • Elastomer blade guide – precise angle guide
  • Optimal blade structure and low material abrasion thanks to the diamond and ceramic discs
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Graef Diamond knife sharpener CC 150 - a new cutting edge for your European (20°) and Asian (15°) knifes

The advantage of diamond coated sharpening discs as one can find at the knife sharpener CC150 is basically the fast sharpening result. Additionally, this device can generate a special cutting edge, depending on type of knife - for example a rough cutting edge for fibrous meat or a plain, for fillet of fish. The possibilities are unlimited. The elastomer guide of the knife sharpener CC 150 leads to a precise cutting edge of the blade - in this case even for Asian knifes with a 15° angle. With the patented, flexible polishing discs in stage 3 even serrated blades can be resharpened carefully.

SlicedKitchen knife set

The high quality GRAEF SlicedKitchen knife set is the perfect addition to GRAEF slicers. The set consists of a vegetable knife, a kitchen knife, a bread knife with serrated edge and an universal knife with serrated edge. The handles and blades are made of high quality materials and master even challenging tasks in your kitchen. The blades are made from high grade chrome molybdenum steel with a matt-polished cutting edge, offer optimum rust resistance and can be resharpened with the GRAEF blade sharpeners when required. The handles are made from Bubinga wood which offers a secure grip even with grease and moisture and convinces by its durability and hardness. The four-part knife set is delivered in an attractive gift box.

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No color
Plastic housing
Diamond slices:
20° polish, suitable for all smooth and serrated household- leisure- and commercial blades
15° cut suitable for Japanese knives (phase 1 + 3)
Blade guide:
Elastomer-angle guide
Diamond Grinding Discs
230 V ~ 75 W 50 Hz
Scope of delivery:
universal knife with serrated edge (11 cm blade length)
kitchen knife (16 cm blade length)
vegetable knife (8.5 cm blade length)
bread knife with serrated edge (18 cm blade length)
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Diamond Grinding Discs



20° grinding angle


Polieren - Keramikscheiben

diamond wheel

elastomer guide

1 phase: electric sharpening

2. phase: for serrated blade

2. phase: manual micro-sharpening

20° sharpening angle

CrissCross® sharpening technology

Diamond Grinding Discs

Diamond disc: rotation / fixed


Stable blade guiding

on- off-switch

20° sharpening angle

CrissCross® sharpening technology

Diamond Grinding Discs


Measurements (L x W x H)

212 mm x 105 mm x 108 mm

197 mm x 85 mm x 96 mm

215 mm x 53 mm x 70 mm

Blade guide

Elastomer-angle guide

elastomer - angle guide

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