Slicer SlicedKitchen SKS500, red

incl. Combi-Attachment PRO & storage box
  • Compact slicer with high-quality full-metal housing – for the whole family
  • New, taller design enables slicing directly in the storage box or the baking dish
  • Serrated stainless steel blade, Ø 170 mm – even cuts through hard crusts
  • Central control unit with integrated slice thickness setting as well as quick-action and continuous operation switch
  • Infinitely adjustable slicing thickness, 0–30 mm, even perfect for slicing open bread rolls
  • Anodised and abrasion-resistant aluminium stop
  • Whisper-quiet 170-watt capacitor motor, maintenance-free and with 5-year warranty
  • Blade cover – for less friction and easier slicing
  • Stable and smooth-running carriage with stainless steel tray
  • Double child lock for maximum safety
  • Quick cleaning thanks to the safety catch
  • 3-year warranty extension by registering on the GRAEF website

  • Smooth stainless steel blade available as an accessory
€ 349.99
Available colors

Higher, Faster, Safer - S50003

The S50003 all-purpose slicer has been developed especially for everyday family life. This is equally about speed and of course safety. The extensive collection of recipes proves that this all-purpose slicer is a full-fledged food processor that can hardly rest all day. And in addition, with the good feeling of saving resources. The reason being that bread, cheese and sausage stay fresh longer and last longer when in one piece.

Collecting Slices

By setting the carriage to a higher position, it is possible to cut directly into high casseroles and bowls or in the storage box for the refrigerator, which is part of the standard equipment of S50003.

Can someone slice the buns open?

A kitchen helper who knows how things work in the kitchen. The extra-wide slicing thickness setting for breakfast buns is a real help.

Product videos

Central control unit
Raised construction
One-hand operation
Also enables the cutting of rolls
Triple Child Lock
Measurements (L x W x H):
370 x 295 x 285 mm
Carriage with stainless steel support
Child safety lock "Double" by stop lock and switch lock
Effortless cutting
Serrated knife
Full metal version with foot (foot made of plastics)
Central control unit with quick-action and continuous operation switch
230 V ~ 170 W 50 Hz
Whisper-quiet capacitor motor, 170 watts, maintenance-free
Slice thickness:
0 - 30 mm
4,8 kg
Scope of delivery:
Combi-Attachment PRO - food holder & MiniSlice combined as one
Item no:

Overall evaluation

5.0  | 7 Product ratings

Sehr begeisterte Aufschnitt-esser und somit wäre jeden Tag frisch geschnitten kein Problem mehr.

10.May 2021

Verified rating

Mit dem neuen Allesschneider hat sich zwar unser Leben nicht verändert, es ist aber schöner geworden. Brot ist klar, Speck hauchdünn ist perfekt, Erdbeercarpaccio ist neu und super lecker. Hätten wir den bloss schon viel früher gekauft.

Dieser Allesschneider hält wirklich, was er verpricht – er verschafft uns eine enorme Erleichterug in der Küche, besonders beim Brot schneiden.

Schnelle Lieferung nach Hause auch in Corona Zeiten, Gerät macht einen guten ersten Eindruck, werde es in den nächsten Tagen auf Herz und NIeren testen.

Mir gefällt diese Slicedkitchen Maschine sehr gut!

Tolle Schneidemaschine. Dieser Minischneider-Aufsatz ist toll, damit kann man sogar Erdbeeren schneiden, ohne sich den Finger abzusäbeln.

08.April 2020

Unverified rating

schneidet perfekt und sieht toll aus in meiner küche (lasse sie immer draußen stehen)