Fine Slicer SKS700, matt black

  • "Handmade in Germany": quality material and workmanship - lasts for generations
  • LED Safety Control - brings even more safety to the kitchen
  • Limited Edition "DER FEINSCHMECKER" in matt black with golden limit stop printing and unique ambient lighting, incl. the new MiniSlice attachment "2 in one" and sustainable NXT cutting board made of paper fibers
  • 0-2 millimeter fine cutting range - for even more precise 0.25 millimeter cuts
  • Stylish fine slicer in a full-metal design with unique lighting concept
  • Self-supporting with break-proof glass base plate
  • Smooth, free-running solid stainless steel blade with hollow grinding, Ø 170 mm – for the finest slicing results and even more flavour
  • The smooth solid-steel blade can be sharpened at home
  • Infinitely adjustable slicing thickness, 0–20 mm, with fine adjustment in the 0–2 mm range
  • Solid, anodised and abrasion-resistant aluminium stop
  • Whisper-quiet 170-watt capacitor motor, maintenance-free
  • Quick-action and continuous operation switch: the blade rotates continuously or cut-by-cut
  • Stainless steel blade cover plate – for less friction and easier slicing
  • Stable and smooth-running carriage with stainless steel tray
  • Child-safe thanks to the switch-on guard
  • Fast and easy cleaning – freely accessible surfaces, simple blade removal thanks to the blade removal device, removable wiper and carriage
  • Illumination of the adjusting scale and the slicing area – giving you a clear view of the item being sliced and the slicing thickness
  • Smart lighting: when the stop is open and the blade is ready for slicing, the slicer is first illuminated in blue and switches to red after 1 minute – providing a constant reminder of the open blade
  • A pulsing light signals the stand-by mode after 5 minutes
  • Added safety: the red light is illuminated until the stop is closed
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Czech Republic, France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg: € 12.90 / Ireland: € 19.90 / other countries: € 16.90

A slicer in a class of excellence - for the highest standards, for 100 % culinary delight

The GRAEF SKS700 fine slicer "DER FEINSCHMECKER" edition makes the heart of every technology and design fan beat faster.

The design of this limited special edition with its matte black housing, gold stop printing and the "DER FEINSCHMECKER" logo, adorning the elegant glass base plate, once again underscores the absolute performance, quality and durability of the GRAEF bestseller SKS700. The high-quality materials are so perfectly matched that they leave no room for compromise in the cutting result.
The special equipment with ambient lighting, the new MiniSlice attachment "2 in one" and a sustainable NXT cutting board made of paper fiber impressively round off the opulent features of the SKS700 "DER FEINSCHMECKER" edition.
By the way, GRAEF takes "made in Germany" particularly seriously with the SKS700: 85% of the materials come from North Rhine-Westphalia, the regional environment of the GRAEF factory.


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Easy Cleaning
Increased safety thanks to LED Safety Control
Child safety through switch-on protection
Solid steel blade with blade cover plate
Unique lighting concept
Ambient lighting
Easy knife removal
Slicing thickness 0 - 20 mm
Carriage with stainless steel support
Illuminated cutting area
Full metal knife protection ring
Solid, anodized aluminum stop for increased abrasion resistance
Maintenance-free motor technology
Slicing length:
230 mm
Measurements (L x W x H):
370 x 315 x 250 mm
Full metal version in professional design
Cantilevered with glass base plate made of stable safety glass
Sustainable and regional
Carriage switching
230 V ~ 170 W 50 Hz
Whisper-quiet capacitor motor, 170 watts, maintenance-free
Slice thickness:
0 - 20 mm
7,5 kg
Additional information:
5 Years Warranty
Item no: