Twin Cut

Bread roll cutter
  • Range of application: Cutting of buns, rolls in bakery, butchery and catering
  • High speed production
  • No risk of injury
  • Even and extremly clean cur
  • Buns or rolls can be cut open or cut through
  • Clean working area
  • Quick and easy adjustment of the cutting height
  • Easy adjustment of the cutting depth
  • Specially toothed knife - made of stainless steel

Bread roll cutter Twin-Cut

Fast and safe cutting of buns and rolls without the risk of injury.
For efficient use in bakeries, butchers, catering and snack bars.

Cutting thickness individually adjustable

  • By turning the knob, the height of the blade is adjustable..

Variable adjustment to cut open or cut through

  • By loosening and moving the knob to the left or the right you can select to cut open or through.

Clean cut

  • The serrated knife mad of stainless steel allows a fast and clean cut.

Easy Cleaning

  • Surfaces are freely accessible.
4,5 kg
450 x 285 mm
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