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Bistro - High Performance in short-time operation

Our inexpensive machine for quality-conscious new customers who attach value to professionality and excellent cutting results.
This compact machine has been designed especially for small kitchens with small cutting quantities.

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Bistro 1920

High performance in short-time operation

Concept Line - Wonderfully versatile

No compromises in everday operation - Maximum cutting performance at minimum set up space

Concept Line slicing machines are the new addition to our time-tested professional line. This new line provides commercial users with appliances that they can adapt according to their individual requirements on a modular basis.
Whether it concerns Sliced-Kitchen specialities in the catering industry or processing of large quantities of cold meats at the deli counter – our Concept machines are the most versatile all-rounders among the slicing machines.

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Concept 25

Wonderfully versatile

Concept 25 L

Long version

Concept 25 S

Gravity slicer

Concept 30

Wonderfully versatile

Concept 30 S

Gravity slicer

Master Line - Precision and reliability, innovation by experience

Designed for the counter-area-use and in production. Perfect cutting results. Ideal ergonomics for working without fatigue. Cost saving by quick cleaning. 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee. The basis for the best price-performance ratio.

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Master 2720

Compact and powerful

Master 3020

The allrounder - Basic carriage

Master 3020 W


Master 3020 VS

Vario Slice

Master 3020 LS

Salmon cut

Master 3020 HS

Razor-thin thin cut

Master 3310

The meat-cutter - basic carriage

Master 3310 DS

Double Carriage

Master 3310 EA


Master 3370

Gravity cutter

Master 3370

18° carriage

Master 3370 SA

carriage with product feed

Master SA 3370

Automatic cutting machine

AutoMaster Line - The large programme of automatic cutting machines

Automatic deposition

Our AutoMaster series stands out for its automatic placer. The unit can be used in the counter areas of butchers, in canteen kitchens, in catering and in industrial production. Excellent cutting and placing results are the basis of the series.

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Semi-automatic machines HA - Freshness, ensured quickly and perfectly

Freshness is one of the most important distinguishing features in the food trade. The workflow increased by up to 50% permits this philosophy without increasing staff costs. And this is ensured by a reduction of the stress on the operator by means of the servo-supported carriage. The depositing pattern are created without touching, and the operator can keep contact to the customer during the cutting process. Convince your customers reliably by freshness, hygiene and operating quality.

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HA 800


HA 810


The fully automatic slicing machines - an elaborate concept for better, more efficient cutting - day by day

The combination of automatic depositing and automatic carriage run with product feed makes our fully automatic machines independent of an operator. The easy and quick handling and the patented feed are further plus points which make the operation significantly more efficient. No matter whether setting up the counter display in the butcher’s shop, the breakfast buffet or arrangement for other cutting tasks.

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VA 802


VA 802 H


VA 804


VA 804 FB

Fully-automatic, conveyor belt

VA 806


VA 806 FB

Fully-automatic, conveyor belt