Series Highlights: Profi slicers

Uncompromising in everyday life

Designed for needs in gastronomy and commercial kitchen. Real slicer, which cuts every clippings perfectly.
It is also applicable in continuous operation. Working without detours because of the cantilever construction. Quick cleaning. 3 years manufacturer's warranty. The base for the best cost effectiveness.



Achievement and technique

The combination of 300 watt powerful motors, maintenance-free blade gear and full steel blades warranties high-torque cuts. Also In continuous operation.

Decorative cut

Front drawn blade gear warranties the free ,,underrun" of the cutted slices without breaking.


Cantilever construction

Working without detour -  cutting directly on trays, pans or plates.Base plate made of stainless steel.

High-quality components

Piezzo-switch technology - safe, waterproof and indestructible. High-quality, chemical resistant and unbreakeable plastics. Handy slicing thickness setting with vernier adjustment. Smooth-riding carriage.

Quick cleaning

Blades and surfaces are exposeable from everywhere, the carriage can be folded down and the base plate is removeable.


Special oil and a 2-step blade sharper. The blade sharper is attachable and easy to operate. Because it is not firmly mounted on the machine, it is protected from dirt.