The sliced kitchen

The fact that filmy sliced food is an asset in every kitchen is commonly known. The filmier you cut them, the more flavours are unleashed and reward the dishes with a lingering taste. While the focus has been on home-made slice dishes such as carpaccios, vegetable noodles and ceviche, Graef's dehydrator now opens up a whole new world of recipes: Home-made breakfast yoghurt with granola and fruit chips as a topping, delicious fruit leather made from pureed fruits or vegetable chips. By dehydrating, healthy snacking is no longer just a far-distant purpose, but can be easily be implemented in daily life.


Creativity & Diversity

Until now, dishes such as carpaccios were reinterpreted and reinvented using filmy slices to create colourful landscapes on every single plate. The Dehydrator now offers way for more possibilities to discover and develop recipes


The filmy slicing of foods makes them well to digest. The advantage, if it has been dried: you know precisely what you eat. Because self-dehydrated foods contain no preservatives or artificial for colours and flavours. In favour, enzymes, vitamins and other valuable nutrients contain. With just a few simple steps fruits, vegetables and meat are used to create healthy and vitamin-rich snacks for the whole day.


Self-made foods just stay fresh longer. And should there be something perishable in the kitchen, this can be preserved with the Dehydrator instead of disposing of it. Since drying is the oldest way to preserve food.


Slicer, Dehydrator and Meat Grinder are perfect kitchen gadgets for all who are on the mind-set of a conscious, healthy nutrition and if possible do not want to waste food. Fresh preparation is the nuts and bolts of healthy cooking. Sharp knives are therefore among the most important tools, both by professional chefs and ambitious hobby chefs. For that reason, our knife sharpeners from the "Slicedkitchen" are not to think away.

Slicer - The sliced kitchen


The sliced kitchen

Blade sharpener - The finishing touch in the kitchen

Blade sharpener

The finishing touch in the kitchen

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