Solido Line - the novice series

Slicing machine

Designed for the usage in Bistro and gastronomy. Slicing machines are easy to operate and clean. A solid, of us thoroughly tested and modified series from our partners coupled with the Graef service.


Solido 220

Entry level slicing machine

Solido 275

Entry level slicing machine

Service and technology

Motors with belt dirve for cold cuts and other cutting materials are suitable for continuous operation. Steadfastness by suction feets.


High-quality components

Anodized aluminium components with guide tracks in stop, blade cover plate and carriage. Precise slice thickness settings.



Fast cleaning

Blades and surfaces are exposable from all sides. Carriage and scarper are removeable.

Removeable blade sharpener

The provided 2-step blade sharpener is placed and easy to operate. Because it is not firmly mounted on the machine, it is proteced from dirt.