GRAEF stand mixer MYestro

More Power. More Quantity. More GRAEF.

The new stand mixer MYestro

Stand mixer MYestro, iron mica

More power. More quantity. More GRAEF.
€ 849.99*

3 good reasons for our stand mixer

Powerful powerhouse

The 800-watt professional DC motor ensures maximum performance - up to 3 kg of firm yeast dough can be kneaded in the 7-liter stainless steel bowl with masterful ease.

Whisper-quiet operation

Even under full-load operation, the MYestro kneads, stirs, and beats as quiet as a whisper with smooth running and stands stably on the kitchen countertop.

Durable materials

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and a five-year warranty, a long service life is also guaranteed thanks to reparability.


The masterful stand mixer MYestro

The powerful solution for all bread fans, families and hobby bakers with big appetites.

Hearty sourdough bread for a family of five, soft and fluffy yeast dough snails for the whole family, or a three-tiered, colorful cake for a child's birthday party. When dough density and quantity become challenging in baking projects, the GRAEF MYestro is reliably at your side.

Spelt flake bread, mixed rye bread or carrot-walnut bread - our favourite food is available in over 3,200 different varieties. If you're into homemade baking and want to know what's in your bread or next birthday cake, you shouldn't be without the masterful food processor when baking at home.

With its powerful motor, whisper-quiet operation and high-quality materials, the new GRAEF stand mixer is up to any challenge, kneading heavy (bread) doughs and large quantities, but also stirring cream and beaten egg whites fluffy soft.

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Professional & durable

Power and quantity are the specialty of the GRAEF MYestro stand mixer - unlike most commercially available food processors, this exceedingly powerful machine is equipped with a professional 800 watt DC motor with belt drive. Thus, it offers an optimal ratio of energy consumption and power output, has a significantly higher efficiency and thus works more energy-efficiently than comparatively other motors with higher power. The result: the MYestro effortlessly processes even heavy doughs for up to 30 minutes and still purrs as quiet as a whisper and with maximum smoothness even at full load.

The balanced all-metal housing and the solid product weight of 18 kilograms create a unique stability that prevents the machine from kneading itself off the kitchen countertop due to its eagerness to work. Reliable, durable and timeless - with the processing of durable materials in a full metal housing, the warranty of five years and the modern design, the GRAEF MYestro also ensures that the home supply of home-baked bread, rolls and pastries remains guaranteed.


Easy & intuitive operation

Kneading, stirring, (cream) whipping - if you're in a hurry, simply select one of the three fully automatic programs on the touch display. Kneading speeds and times can also be set manually at the touch of a finger. Just put the ingredients in the bowl, tap your finger and off you go!

10 speed levels, which can be set easily and intuitively via the central control unit, mix the ingredients evenly into homogeneous doughs. The MYestro also has a practical pulse function for brief, individual mixing at the touch of a button and a timer function for up to 30 minutes - particularly practical when kneading bread doughs, which always have to be kneaded for a long time to incorporate sufficient oxygen into the dough.

Thanks to the spring mechanism, the motor head of the GRAEF stand mixer easily tilts upwards when the release lever is operated with one hand. For filling ingredients or changing the mixing elements, the motor head can then be latched in the opened state. The on/off switch of the MYestro is located on the back of the machine.

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Maximum Performance

Baking with and for the whole family? No problem with the GRAEF MYestro! The 7-liter stainless steel mixing bowl offers sufficient capacity for up to 3 kilograms of firm yeast dough. Depending on the dough variant, the appropriate, solidly crafted stainless steel mixing element is used after tilting the motor head: the flat beater for smooth, fine doughs, the dough hook for heavy variants and the balloon whisk for whipping cream, egg whites & Co. Once started, the removable splash guard with extra-large feed opening including lid ensures that the ingredients really do end up cleanly in the bowl and not on the kitchen floor when preparing dough.

The gearbox ensures reliable performance, while the robust planetary mixer ensures that all ingredients are taken from the edge to the bottom of the bowl and mixed completely.

Graef Küchemaschine

Innovative lighting

The progress of the mixing or kneading process is always in view thanks to the bright LED bowl lighting.

In addition, the MYestro is equipped with a "Blue Ambience lighting", which stylishly highlights the modern design of the machine. A blue light ring on the planetary gear and the blue illuminated control dial provide an atmospheric operating illumination. Clever: if the MYestro is not in use, this illumination switches off after approx. 2 minutes to save energy.


Practical feed opening

The removable splash guard of the GRAEF stand mixer is equipped with an extra-large feed opening including lid. Through this opening, additional ingredients can be added conveniently and cleanly even during dough preparation.

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Rühr- und Knetelemente MYestro
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Extensive scope of delivery

In addition to the mixing bowl and splash guard, the three stainless steel mixing elements consisting of a balloon whisk, dough hook and flat beater complete the comprehensive scope of delivery of the MYestro kitchen machine from GRAEF. These three mixing elements can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

In addition, the included insert for the bowl holder ensures a secure hold of the bowl even for heavy kneading tasks.

Get your free starter set!

If you buy a MYestro kitchen machine in the GRAEF online store or at participating retailers, you will receive the limited "Bread Baking" starter set worth €50.00 free of charge during the promotional period from 01.11.22 to 31.08.23 after registering online.


Additional accessories for the stand mixer - even more possibilities

For the GRAEF MYestro, a flexi beater (Art.No. 146836) with flexible silicone stirring edge can be ordered as an optional accessory. Especially when mixing dough or creamy masses, this silicone edge ensures a clean and thorough removal of the ingredients from the edge of the bowl and thus even, homogeneous mixing of all ingredients without clumping.

The accessory connector on the top of the stand mixer will also provide even more preparation options in the future. After removing the cover, the desired accessory mode can be selected via the equipment function on the touch display.


Stand mixer MYestro, iron mica

More power. More quantity. More GRAEF.
€ 849.99*

Questions & Answers about the MYestro stand mixer (FAQs)

  • What does the indication "E03" in the display of the device mean?

    If the message "E03" appears on the touch display of the kitchen machine, this is an indication that the machine is still open or the motor head is still tilted up. In the open state, the machine cannot be started for safety reasons. If the motor head is closed for operation, the message disappears so that you can continue with the desired settings on the display and setting wheel.

  • How loud is the stand mixer?

    The MYestro stand mixer from GRAEF is comparatively "whisper quiet" with an operating noise of ≤ 60 dB (measuring distance: 1 m). This is roughly equivalent to a normal conversation.

  • Can I change the position of the splash guard on the food processor?

    Yes, the splash guard can be locked in three different positions on the motor head. The refill opening can be positioned on the left, right or in the center.

  • What are the dimensions of the kitchen machine? What is the weight?

    GRAEF MYestro food processor is 41.2 cm high, 24.4 cm wide and 47.9 cm deep. The device weighs 18 kg.

  • What is the height of the food processor with the motor head folded up?

    When opened, the MYestro has a height of 59 cm.

  • How much yeast dough can I process?

    The maximum capacity for firm yeast dough is 3 kg.

  • How much egg white can I beat with the stand mixer?

    The GRAEF MYestro kitchen machine can beat a maximum of 20 egg whites or approx. 720g.

  • How much cream can I whip with the MYestro?

    The maximum capacity for whipped cream is 1.2 kg.

  • How much flour can I use at once when preparing dough?

    The maximum amount of flour that can be processed for one kneading operation is 2 kg.

  • At what speeds does the MYestro food processor work?

    The speed of the MYestro from GRAEF is a minimum of 45 rpm and a maximum of 220 rpm. The mixing or kneading speed can be conveniently adjusted in ten steps on the central rotary wheel of the stand mixer to suit any application.

  • Why do the lighting and display turn off when I remove the cover on the accessory port on the top of the housing?

    This is also a safety function of the stand mixer. If the lid for the accessory connection is removed, the machine or display illumination switches off so that the accessory gearbox cannot start up without the accessory connected. As soon as either the accessory is connected by means of an angle adapter or the lid for the accessory connection is put back on and closed, you can continue as usual with the desired settings on the display and setting wheel.

  • How do I get back to the standard view after selecting a program in the display?

    If you have accidentally selected one of the programs on the touch display, touch the respective icon again to return to the standard display.

  • Can I adjust the mixing or kneading speed in manual mode during preparation?

    Yes, the mixing or kneading speed can be adjusted as desired in manual mode. This is a great advantage, especially when preparing bread dough.

  • Which program sequences are stored in the three fully automatic programs?

    The program sequences are stored as follows:

    1. Whisk program:

    • 30 seconds at speed level 1
    • 2:30 minutes at speed level 10

    2. Dough hook program:

    • 1 minute at speed level 1
    • 9 minutes at speed level 2

    3. Beater program:

    • 30 seconds at speed level 1
    • 4:30 minutes at speed level 5

  • Can I reset programs or the manual mode once they have been started?

    To reset the automatic programs or the manually set time or speed, simply press the Start/Stop key for 3 seconds.

  • What is the purpose of the supplied round plastic insert plate?

    The gray, so-called "insert for the bowl mount" ensures a secure, firm hold of the mixing bowl even during demanding kneading tasks and is placed in the bowl mount of the food processor under the mixing bowl.

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