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Graef-Barista Course

18.05.2024, 12:00 am - 06:00 pm
€ 199,00*

Become a Home Barista!

In the Barista course in Graefs Mundwerk, on some days everything revolves around the bean. In just one day, you will learn what you need to know about espresso and how to prepare it properly with a sieve carrier machine: From the history of the coffee bean to the correct grinding and cleaning of the machine. Raffaele Iuliucci, the Espresso Italiano Champion 2018, will answer all your questions and help you with tips and tricks. But it's not just beginners who are provided with this course. Even long-time coffee lovers can use this opportunity to deepen their knowledge.

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Siebträger-Espressomaschine Estessa

Duo-Thermoblock & Druckprofile
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Siebträger-Espressomaschine Batessa

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Moulin à café CM850

avec tiroir intégré
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Moulin à café CM8002

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Machine à expresso contessa

Double circuit avec triple thermobloc
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Moulin à café CM1012

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Moulin à café CM8011

€ 199,99*

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Take part exclusively in one of our cooking or barista courses at Graefs Mundwerk in Arnsberg.
The perfect gift for Easter, for your birthday or just to experience something very special in a small group.

The courses all take place in the beautiful Sauerland in Graefs Mundwerk and can be booked directly online. The number of participants is limited. Being fast is worth it!