Caffè Moak Costa Rica Orquid Single Origin

500g whole bean, bag
  • Profile in cup: This coffee is characterized by its astonishing full-bodiness and balanced acidity. You will feel notes of dried fruit with a pleasant aftertaste of citrus fruits and chocolate already with the first sip.
  • Variety: Arabica Catuai
  • Processing method: Semi-washed / sun-dried
  • Harvest time: November - January
  • Elevation: 1.600 – 1.800 metres
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We are in the beautiful area of Costa Rica. For over the 30 years, in Pérez Zeledòn, small district of the Brunca Valley, Fabio Fonseca, together with his wife and sons, has been meticulously producing Catuai, one of the most refined varieties of Arabica. We reach the colourful promontories and before admiring the red berries, we walk through luxuriant tropical fruit trees, a natural cover shadowing the coffee plants. The handpicking together with the process techniques make this monorigin one of the finest coffees in the world.

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500g whole beans
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whole beans
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