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To allow your coffee to develop its full potential, it is important to grind the beans just before brewing. This is because only then the cells of the coffee beans open up and release aromas and ingredients. The shorter the time between grinding and coffee preparation, the higher the quality and freshness of the preparation. Important: Each type of preparation requires a different degree of grinding - which is why our electric coffee grinders offer countless setting options.

Depending on the model, our coffee grinders offer the following features, among others:

  • Aroma-preserving stainless steel cone grinders and a slow-running motor prevent the grind from overheating (except CM102/252).
  • Robust and high-quality full metal or plastic housing
  • Auto function for "Grind on Demand" portafilter (except CM102/252)
  • Automatic, adjustable portioning (e.g. CM1012/CM900/500/252)
  • Variable grind settings from fine to coarse (except CM102)
  • Semi-professional disc grinder (50mm diameter) made of hardened steel (e.g. CM1012)

For perfect enjoyment, coffee should always be freshly ground. Grinding opens the cells of the coffee beans and releases aromas and ingredients. These can then dissolve later in the hot water. Since ground coffee loses its quality and aroma very quickly, the coffee should only be ground immediately before preparation. The variably adjustable grinding level of our coffee grinders forms the basis for individual coffee enjoyment.

Coffee grinders for espresso preparation


Macinacaffè CM1012

extra silenzioso, con mulino a disco
€ 459,99*

Macinacaffè CM850

con cassetto per i fondi del caffè integrato
€ 259,99*

Macinacaffè CM900

con auto-porzionamento
€ 239,99*

Macinacaffè CM820

con alloggiamento in acciaio inossidabile
€ 219,99*

Test winner at Stiftung Warentest (12/2019) - GRAEF coffee grinder CM800

Macinacaffè CM802

Il macinacaffè vincitore del test!
€ 189,99*

Macinacaffè CM800

Il macinacaffè vincitore del test!
€ 179,99*

Our all-rounder - the CM500 with 140 grinding levels

GRAEF coffee grinders for beginners

Macinacaffè CM702

Il nostro macinacaffè per amatoriali
€ 119,99*

Macinacaffè CM252

Aroma fresco per principianti
RRP € 79,99* € 69,99*

Mulino per caffè e spezie CM102

il passatore di frontiera
RRP € 49,99* € 44,99*

Aroma on the fly

Caffè without compromise is only available freshly ground. Therefore, only shortly before brewing the cell structures of the beans are broken. But beware! After just a few minutes out in the air, the coffee grounds lose their aroma compounds.

Keep cool

If the beans already heat up too much during grinding, far too many aromas will evaporate immediately. As a result, bitter substances come to the foreground and noticeably change the taste. Graef coffee grinders prevent this undesirable effect with their particularly robust cone or disc grinders. To ensure that as many of the aromatic substances as possible are extracted by the water passing through, the coffee grounds should be ground evenly and particularly finely. This gives the ground coffee beans the greatest possible surface area. The finer the grounds, the slower the hot water flows and the more time it has to carry away many aromas. This is just as true for the pressurized espresso as it is for the ground coffee in the filter that is gradually rinsed around.

Team player from GRAEF

Only with this special quality of coffee grounds an espresso machine can get the full aroma out of the Caffè. Graef's electric coffee grinders are powerful direct grinders that immediately fill the caffè into the filter after grinding. If this is then also inserted into a portafilter espresso machine from Graef, you have the optimum pressure, the exact temperature, the right amount of coffee and everything done right.

Macinacaffè CM900 con auto-porzionamento


€ 239,99*
Pressino professionale 58 (74 mm) incl. tappetino di pressatura


€ 49,99*
Bricco da latte in acciaio inossidabile 600 ml


€ 25,99*
Cassetto per fondi di caffè “Pulito” Acciaio inossidabile, lucido


€ 79,99*
Macchina da caffè contessa Macchina a doppio circuito con Triple-Thermoblock


RRP € 1.899,99* € 1.799,00*
Bricco da latte Latte-Art Versare da 650 ml Acciaio inossidabile, lucido


€ 36,99*
Bricco da latte Latte-Art Versare da 450 ml Acciaio inossidabile, lucido


€ 29,99*
Pressino professionale 58 (80 mm) incl. tappetino di pressatura

Out of stock

€ 49,99*
Tamperstation TH 80


€ 44,99*
Portafiltro con 1 beccuccio (Ø 58 mm) baronessa ES902, contessa ES1000


€ 54,99*
Portafiltro con due beccucci baronessa


€ 54,99*
Portafiltro professionale senza fondo (Ø 58 mm) baronessa, contessa, marchesa


€ 54,99*
Filtri (Ø 70 mm), a parete singola ES90 / ES91 / ES85 / ES86 / pivalla / marchesa / baronessa / contessa


€ 24,99*
Filtri (Ø 70 mm), a parete doppia ES90 / ES91 / ES85 / ES86 / pivalla / marchesa / baronessa / contessa

Out of stock

€ 24,99*