Fully-automatic slicing machines

Fully-automatic machines .VA

VA 802 - VA 802 H - VA 804 - VA 806

Innovation by experience

The combination of automatic depositing and automatic carriage run with product feed makes our fully automatic machines independent of an operator. The easy and quick handling and the patented feed are further plus points which make the operation significantly more efficient. No matter whether setting up the counter display in the butcher’s shop, the breakfast buffet or arrangement for other cutting tasks.









Fully-automatic, conveyor belt




Fully-automatic, conveyor belt

Automatic product feed

The motor driven feed system and the high cutting material support bar ensure a fast and ideal attachment of the cutting material on whole length. A guaranteed clean and precise cut from the first to the last slice.


Patented end-piece holder comb

On account of its spring-mounted construction, the end-piece holder comb can grip between the holding bar, and thus can move the cutting material in an ideal way. The system guarantees the smallest end pieces. In addition, the comb can be removed completely for cleaning.


Half automatic mode
(VA 802 only)

On account of the easy uncoupling of the carriage and locking off the reset lever for the end-piece holder, the carriage can be operated manually and with servo support for low number of slices.



  • Voltage: 230 or 400V~
  • Engine power: 500 Watts
  • Operating time: Continuous run
  • Sound pressure level in conformity with EN ISO 11204: < 69 dBA
  • Blade size: 300 mm
  • Blade speed: 229 RPM
  • Cut size: 250 x 180 mm
  • Slicing thickness: 0-10 mm
  • Carriage dimensions (L x W): 230 x 250 mm
  • Warranty: 1 Year

By means of the patented feed system, the end pieces are reduced by up to 50 per cent. Day by day. Sausage by sausage.

Carriage options


Fig. Carriage VA 804

Three cutting lengths

The carriage which can be folded down by up to 90° for cleaning offers a cutting length of 240 mm. The decision on the cutting size to be used depends on:

  • Space required
  • Duration of the independent operation of the machine
  • Organisation of the cutting tasks after the cutting process such as cutting into trays or for manual packaging
  • Cutting material can be transported to the blade overlapping.

VA 802

  • Infeed length:                      230 mm
  • Carriage hubs:                     30-70 hubs/min.
  • Outer dimensions (LxWxH):  600 x 880 x 500 mm
  • Working area (LxWxH):         700 x 900 x 640 mm

VA 804

  • Infeed length:                      420 mm
  • Carriage hubs:                     30-60 hubs/min.
  • Outer dimensions (LxWxH):  600 x 1060 x 500 mm
  • Working area (LxWxH):         700 x 1100 x 640 mm

VA 806

  • Infeed length:                      600 mm
  • Carriage hubs:                     30-55 hubs/min.
  • Outer dimensions (LxWxH):  600 x 1240 x 500 mm
  • Working area (LxWxH):         700 x 1280 x 640 mm

Fully-automatic machines with conveyor belt .VA FB

VA 804 FB - VA 806 FB

Cutting - depositing - and more ...

Fully automatic cutting machines with conveyor belt can process larger quantities without staff. The work process can be harmonised in an ideal manner for the following work processes by control of the conveyor belt. Ideal for processing large quantities in butcher’s shops, catering and canteen kitchens. Industrial use for difficult-to-cut material or specialities.


Automatic stack correction

The control of the conveyor belt has been fitted with an automatic stack correction which ensures a reproducible depositing result.


Quick removal from conveyor belt

After unlocking the conveyor belt, this can be tilted to the front and can be removed easily. The conveyor belt can be rolled away from the machine on the nylon wheels, and can be cleaned.

Open system

By means of the control of the conveyor belt, the work process can be adapted to the needs of the users by programming the number of portions to be cut, break times or endless mode. The packaging units can be controlled in the same way.


  • Voltage: 230 or 400V~
  • Engine power: 500 Watts
  • Operation time: Continuous run
  • Sound pressure level in conformity with EN ISO 11204: < 69 dBA
  • Blade size: 300 mm
  • Blade speed: 229 RPM
  • Cut size: 250 x 180 mm
  • Slicing thickness: 0-10 mm
  • Warranty: 1 year

Fully-automatic machines - accessories

Interleaver - conveyor belts - slice winder

Conveyor belt in three sizes

Conveyor belt in stainless steel chain band version with lengths of 690 mm, 1,300 mm and a silicon conveyer belt at a width of 250 mm.



The interleaver adapted to the conveyor belt permits the placement of paper or film between the slices laid. Moreover, the trays can be placed as base. An integrated operating terminal permits the individual adaptation to the machine programme. By means of the separating device it is possible to place up to two films or sheets at the same time. Possible depositing formats are stacks or shingles.


Slice folder

The slice folder adaptable to the conveyor belt permits folding of larger slices, such as boiled ham. By moving the winder on the conveyor belt, the folding can be set individually and easily.


Data Interleaver

  • Power consumption: 15W
  • Voltage: 110-230 V
  • Mains frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Compressed air: 6 bar
  • Max. Performance: 55 deposits/ min
  • Max. Stacking height: 54 mm
  • Dimensions - Tray LxB: 170x100-205 mm
  • Dimensions - Interleaf film LxB: 170x80-205 mm

VA carriage inserts

Fully automatic machines

The various special carriages which are available for the semi-automatic machines can be fitted as inserts to the carriages of the fully-automatic machines.


Salmon carriage insert

  • For cutting salmon, fish filet
  • Fresh, smoked or frozen up to a maximum of 10° C
  • Variable angle setting from 10° - 40°

Thin-cut carriage insert

  • Ideal for realising diagonal cuts
  • Relaxed, quick and safe working
  • Variable angle setting from 10° - 40°
  • Permits the offer of “very thin slicing”
  • End-piece holder comb removable for cleaning

Automatic machine accessories

Machine tables HA & VA

A fixed and safe support is important for the use of the cutting machine and the precise depositing result. The machine tables made of stainless steel are designed especially for the automatic Graef machine programme.


Mati 1

LxWxH : 656 mm x 553 mm x 720 mm
Recommended for VA 802, VA 804 and VA 806


Mati 4

Rollable and lockable
LxWxH : 863,5 mm x 553 mm x 776 mm
Recommended for all automatic machines which are set up mobile, and automatic machines with conveyor belt.