Precision and reliability


Innovation by experience

Designed for use in the counter area and in production. Perfect cutting results.
Optimal ergonomics for fatigue-free working.
Cost savings due to quick cleaning.
2-year manufacturer’s guarantee. The basis for the best price-performance ratio.

High-quality ceramic coating on aluminium

Perfect gliding properties and precise guiding grooves in plate, blade covering plate and carriage guarantee relaxed working and clean cuts.


Compact construction

Maximum cutting capacity on the smallest possible setup area. On account of the full perimeter rubber frame the machine can also jut out. In addition, this frame prevents liquid to get into the machine.


Strong, maintenance-free motors with air cooling system

Even in case of heavy use for several hours, the machine works without any problems. The integrated air cooling system ensures cool surfaces and prevents overheating of the motor.


Best cutting results

A double ball-bearing-mounted blade gear in combination with our coated solid-steel knife guarantees traction and best blade stability. Minimum friction is ensured by a slim blade point and an internal blade covering plate.


High-quality components

Piezo switching technology - safe, waterproof and indestructible. High-quality, chemical-resistant and shatterproof plastics. Easy adjustment of the slicing thickness with fine adjustment. The carriage has been fitted with a ball-bearing-mounted internal slide.


Precisely guided food holder guide

The precisely guided food holder guarantees minimum remains. The swivel-mounted handle provides ideal ergonomics for gentle and non-fatiguing work.


Reducing the cleaning time

Really easy removal of carriage, blade covering plate, food holder and scraper. Cera 3 coating renders drying or sticking impossible. Blade and surfaces are freely accessible from all sides.


Removeable blade sharpener

The two-disk blade sharpener supplied with the machine is easy to mount and to operate. As it is not firmly attached to the machine, it is protected against soiling.


Model overview

Master 2720

Compact and powerful

Master 3020

The allrounder - Basic carriage

Master 3020 W


Master 3020 VS

Vario Slice

Master 3020 LS

Salmon cut

Master 3020 HS

Razor-thin thin cut

Master 3310

The meat-cutter - basic carriage

Master 3310 DS

Double Carriage

Master 3310 EA


Master 3310 W

with scale

Master 3370

Gravity cutter

Master 3370

18° carriage

Master 3370 SA

carriage with product feed

Master SA 3370

Automatic cutting machine


2 energy-saving functions:

  • 1. Energy saving: Automatic switch-off of the blade drive after 15, 30, ... 105 seconds if the carriage is not used / LED flashes when Energy-saving-function is active. / Press the green button to switch on the
    blade drive again.

  • 2. Below zero switch-off: The machine switches off the blade drive if the stop plate is closed beyond zero and thus covers the blade.


Both functions are offered as a package.

A new layer -

A new layer


The new coating


The use of anodised aluminium has been tried and tested for decades as a basis for the best cutting results and easy operation.

Making things better - this is guaranteed by our new CERA 3 coating. It facilitates your daily work. It increases reliability, hygiene and effective handling.

The new coating is a composition of fine ceramic particles and silicone. It has been developed especially for extremely high abrasion and chemical resistance, and is tested in hard industrial use.

Three advantages

On your side

High abrasion resistance

The new coating increases the service life and is absolutely resistant to corrosion. It increases the preservation of value and can be used ideally year after year.

Best sliding properties

The ceramics and silicone shares guarantee the best of sliding properties and prevent sticking of the material to be cut. Friction-less and gentle working.

Quick & effective cleaning

As no strong adhesions are possible, you save time and cleaning costs. In addition, the new coating is completely resistant to chemicals.