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Slicer Classic C95, iron mica

incl. PRO combi attachment
€ 289.99*

Stand mixer MYestro, iron mica

More power. More quantity. More GRAEF.
€ 849.99*

Foldable slicer MYtiny, silver

Brilliantly small, brilliantly simple!
€ 269.99*

Diamond knife sharpener CC150

15°/20° sharpening angle, 2-Phases
RRP € 239.99* € 219.99*

Fine Slicer SKS700, ruby

incl. Combi-Attachment PRO
€ 669.99*

Ice machine IM700, stainless steel / black

Two in one, with yoghurt function
€ 449.99*

Slicer Master M91, white

incl. Food holder
RRP € 389.99* € 329.00*

Slicer MultiCut Plus, black

incl. Combi-Attachment
RRP € 299.99* € 199.00*

Cordless Hand Blender HB802

With four-part accessory
€ 199.99*

Fine Slicer SKS700, matt black

RRP € 849.99* € 749.00*

Slicer MASTER M95, iron mica

incl. blade removal device & combi attachment PRO
€ 399.99*

Novelties Coffee World


Coffee grinder CM1116

Grinding coffee to perfection - for that very special espresso moment! The premium coffee grinder guarantees excellent grinding results.

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Espresso machine Estessa

The portafilter espresso machine Estessa combines all of GRAEF's specialist expertise into a masterful device for espresso lovers.

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Glass Milk Frother 

The induction milk frother MS902 with glass jug offers fast preparation and pure enjoyment. This all-rounder even melts chocolate!

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Stand mixer MYestro, iron mica

More power. More quantity. More GRAEF.
€ 849.99*

Slicer MASTER M95, iron mica

incl. blade removal device & combi attachment PRO
€ 399.99*

Toy-slicer TC1920, white/grey

incl. 30-piece slicing set
€ 49.99*

Kitchen knife set KN5150

RRP € 229.99* € 219.99*

Pour-over kettle GK502

Temperature setting & timer
€ 99.99*

Hand mixer HM508, taupe

The workhorse for dough & Co.
€ 69.99*

Coffee grinder CM1012

extra quiet, with disc grinder
€ 459.99*

Electric Knife EK508

with two blades
€ 49.99*

Diamond knife sharpener CX125

15° grinding angle, 3-phase grinding
€ 199.99*

Glass Milk Frother MS902

induction, 6 programs
€ 119.99*

Multiwolf FW 500, silver

The meat grinder for creatives
€ 269.99*

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The fascinating world of GRAEF kitchen appliances

In today's world, where the kitchen is not just a place for cooking, but a place for creativity and enjoyment, high-quality kitchen appliances play a crucial role. Graef, a family-owned company with over 100 years of history, has established itself as a reliable partner in the world of kitchen tools. In this article, we delve into the different worlds of Graef kitchen appliances: the world of cutting, the world of coffee, the world of baking and the world of helpers.

Tradition, innovation and quality for over 100 years

The Graef brand can look back on an impressive history of over 100 years. As a family business, Graef has not only preserved tradition, but has also constantly evolved and adapted to the demands of the modern kitchen. The combination of craftsmanship, innovative technology and a flair for design makes Graef synonymous with quality in the world of kitchen appliances. Overall, Graef offers a comprehensive selection of all-purpose slicers, portafilter machines, food processors and clever kitchen gadgets for kitchen professionals and amateur chefs alike. The combination of functionality, aesthetics and durability makes Graef a brand that has been trusted for generations. Discover the world of Graef kitchen appliances and experience how cooking and savouring become a special experience with the right tools.

Cutting world: Perfect cut for excellent results

The cutting world of GRAEF stands for precision and quality. The all-purpose slicers in particular have made a name for themselves. With state-of-the-art technology and years of experience, Graef produces slicers that not only impress with their performance, but also with their timeless design. The precise adjustability of the cutting thickness makes it possible to slice a wide variety of foods perfectly - be it bread, cold cuts, cheese or vegetables. The combination of tradition and innovation makes a GRAEF bread slicer an indispensable element in any kitchen.

Coffee world: The perfect coffee experience

The GRAEF coffee world is a true paradise for coffee lovers. The focus here is primarily on portafilter machines. These appliances combine technology and aesthetics to conjure up the perfect espresso or cappuccino. The precise temperature control and pressure ensure that the flavours of the coffee are optimally extracted. GRAEF portafilter machines are not only powerful, but also elegant in design, making them an eye-catcher in any kitchen. Experience the art of coffee preparation in a whole new way and discover our new products in the portafilter range.

Baking world: The art of baking bread with GRAEF

The baking world of GRAEF combines the joy of baking with innovative technology. Food processors play a decisive role here. Food processors not only make mixing and kneading dough easier, but also offer a variety of attachments for a wide range of applications. From light and airy baguettes to savoury wholemeal bread - with GRAEF, baking becomes an uncomplicated pleasure. The durability and reliability of the kitchen machines make them an indispensable companion for passionate bakers.

World of helpers: Clever kitchen helpers for everyday use

Graef's world of helpers includes clever kitchen gadgets that make everyday life in the kitchen easier. From electric knives to innovative coffee grinders, GRAEF offers a wide range of appliances that save time and effort. The high quality of the materials and the sophisticated technology make the kitchen appliances reliable assistants in every kitchen. Discover the variety of the world of helpers and make your kitchen work more efficient and enjoyable.