Accessory set for universal cutter Master

€ 33.97 € 29.99

Sets at a special price compared to single UVP

This set contains the following GRAEF products:

1x sledge
1x scraper ring Master
1x holder for remainders


You can use this article for the following GRAEF products:

  • Classic C 180 (C180EU)
  • Master M 182 (M182EU)
  • Classic C185 (C185DE)
  • CLASSIC 170 (C170DE)
  • EH170T2 (EH170T2)
  • FA174T2 (FA174T2)
  • Master M188 (M188EU)
  • FA180T2 (FA180T2)
  • FA182T2 (FA182T2)
  • FA176T2 (FA176T2)
  • Master M 90 (M90EU)
  • Classic C 90 (C90EU)
  • Master M 20 (M20EU)
  • Classic C 20 (C20EU)

Scraper ring Master: Enables the smooth scraping of the cutting material from the knife. Suitable for the universal cutters of the Master series.

Residual holder: Plastic residual holder with angular support.

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