• Electric blade sharpener with diamond and ceramic discs
  • 15° grinding angle, ideal for Asian blades, smooth household, sports & leisure and industrial knives
  • Three-stage sharpening: Presharpening and sharpening with diamond discs, honing and polishing with ceramic discs

Diamond knife sharpener CX125

15° grinding angle, 3-phase grinding
€ 199.99
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Graef Diamond blade sharpener CX 125 - the blade transformer

The CX 125 with three-phase grinding has precise, elastic angular guides for every knife quality. This creates an "arc-shaped grind" for unparalleled sharpness and durability. Thanks to XV technology, knife blades are quickly and easily transformed from 20° to ultra-sharp 15°.

Diamond Grinding Discs, 3-phase grinding, Trizor®, Polishing phase also suitable for resharpening serrated knives, also conventional, European knives with 20° grinding angle can be sharpened to 15° grinding angle in phase 1 - for even higher sharpness and durability, Ultrastop®, XV® Technology, 15° sharpening angle
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Elastomer blade guide
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