Knife sharpener D-1000

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  • The Graef Diamond Knife Sharpener D-1000 is ideal for resharpening all-in-one slicer knives with a smooth edge
  • The diamond-coated grinding wheel quickly produces the original sharpness of your Graef universal slicer knife (for knives with Ø 170 mm). This ensures the best cutting results.
  • The D-1000 is placed on the carriage of the universal slicer to resharpen the knife.
  • When resharpening with the D-1000, the knife is not heated. In this way, the knife sharpener guarantees the least amount of material removal and a long service life of the knife.
  • The grinding wheel and the honing element of the D-1000 are diamond-coated. The pressure lever ensures safe and handy operation.

Instructions for resharpening with the D-1000:

  • Place the knife sharpener on the carriage of your universal cutter so that the mounting bracket grips the rear wall of the carriage.
  • Open the stop to the maximum cutting thickness.
  • Push the knife sharpener against the stop.
  • Move the carriage with the sharpener to the knife.
  • Switch on the machine and let it run for approx. 10 seconds.
  • Then press against the pressure lever with your index finger so that the honing element rests against the knife edge (let run for approx. 2 seconds).
  • Pull back the slide, switch off the machine.
  • The honing element restores the burr created during sharpening to a vertical position. This guarantees an extremely sharp knife edge.
  • If the cutting result still does not meet your expectations, repeat the sharpening process.

*This knife sharpener is suitable for smooth knives.
It fits on all devices with angular carriage support.

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