Master 2720

Compact and powerful
  • Low construction
  • Compact and powerful
  • Exact guide rails in stop, blade covering plate and carriage
  • Strong motor with double ball-bearing-mounted gear
  • Cool surfaces ensured by air-cooling system
  • Closed blade covering plate
  • Piezo switching technique - indestructible and waterproof
  • High-quality plastic - unbreakable and resistant to chemicals
  • Closed rubber frame for a solid stand
  • Relaxed work ensured by perfect sliding properties - Cera 3
  • Ergonomic operation of the food holder ensured by swivelling handle
  • Easy running carriage - internal guide
  • No drying or sticking of the cutting material - Cera 3
  • Smooth surfaces freely accessible from all sides
  • Free running blade
  • Carriage, blade covering plate and scraper - removable
  • Special high-performance blade with slim blade point and Cera 3
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Compact and powerful

The entry into the Master line. Due to its compactness and quality, it is the perfect solution for small setup spaces. This
machine is also ideal as a counter machine.

High quality components:
Piezzo-switch technology-safe, waterproof and indestructible
blade cover plate removeable
circular rubber frame for a clean conclusion on the footprint
far foldable carriage - 45°
free running blade
no drying or adhering og the cutting material - Cera 3
smooth, freely accessible surfaces
No color
2-step blade sharpener
special oil
Motor power:
300 Watt/ 230 V ~ alternating or 400 V ~ three phase
Blade (Ø mm):
270 mm
Slicing length:
230 mm
Slicing height:
Slice thickness:
0-15 mm
470 x 370 mm
Exterior dimensions:
540 x 510 x 490 mm
545 x 520 x 490 mm
25,2 kg
Blade speed:
190 U/min
Operating period:
continious run
Total vibration value:
2,5 m/s²
Emission noise level:
< 69 dBA
Item no: