• Easy, uniform and fast cutting of small cutting materials
  • Shortened cooking time when cooking, no leftovers when cutting
  • Allows for paper cuts in oval slices

MiniSlice attachment for slicing machines

With angular carriage support
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The Mini-Slice attachment from GRAEF -
From universal slicer to food processor

  • Graef Sliced Kitchen - the kitchen of fine cuts: The thinner you slice meat and vegetables, the more aromas they release and the more tenderly they caress the palate.
  • This MiniSlice attachment from Graef is the perfect addition to the Sliced Kitchen slicers with square support. It can also be used for all other slicers with a square support It is ideal for cutting smaller ingredients safely and comfortably: Vegetables, fruit or salami fall towards the knife through a feed chute by gravity.
  • Even small potatoes or mushrooms can be sliced at high speed into wafer-thin, oval slices without any residue and without risk of injury.
  • This not only provides a more intensive aroma, but also shortens the cooking time during cooking. 

Market leader Graef focuses on a new culinary trend: Sliced Kitchen. A whole range of dishes made from finely sliced ingredients is currently conquering Germany's kitchens. Besides the full taste, there is another reason for this: self-cut food simply stays fresh longer. Such sliced dishes are best prepared with the Graef all-purpose slicers and the MiniSlice attachment. This attachment was specially developed for cutting small slices. For hobby and professional chefs this is an inspiration for ever new dishes. One example is the kitchen classic Carpaccio, the mother of all starters. Beetroot and porcini mushrooms as well as swordfish, perch or suckling pig are now fanned out on German plates. The combination possibilities are endless.

KitchenInnovation of the year 2019

Not suitable for GENIO sleds (e.g. M6 or M9)

You can use this article for the following GRAEF products:

  • Tendenza T 10 (T10EU)
  • Classic C 180 (C180EU)
  • Tendenza T 5 (T5EU )
  • Master M 182 (M182EU)
  • Futura F 1 (F1EU)
  • Futura F5 (1651 F5DE)
  • Economic E136 (E136DE)
  • Tendenza T10 (T10DE)
  • Master M188 (M188EU)
  • Economic E134 (E134EU)
  • Economic E146
  • FA - 162 L
  • Vivo V 10 (V10EU)
  • Vivo V 20 (V20EU
  • EVO E 10 (E10EU)
  • EVO E 20 (E20EU)
  • EVO E 80 (E80EU)
  • EVO E 11 (E11EU)
  • EVO E 21 (E21EU)
  • EVO E 81 (E81EU)
  • Vivo V 11, V 21 (V11EU, V21EU)
  • Master M 90 (M90EU)
  • Classic C 90 (C90EU)
  • Master M 20 (M20EU)
  • Classic C 20 (C20EU)
  • EVO E 90 (E90EU)
  • EVO E 20 EU 2
  • EVO E 20 EU 1
  • Sliced Kitchen S10003 
  • Sliced Kitchen S10001 
  • Sliced Kitchen S10002 
  • Sliced Kitchen S11000 
  • Sliced Kitchen S11002 
  • Sliced Kitchen S11001 
  • Sliced Kitchen S11003 
  • Sliced Kitchen S32000
  • Sliced Kitchen S72010
  • Sliced Kitchen S72011
  • Sliced Kitchen S72013
  • Sliced Kitchen S72016




Dishwasher safe, Easy, even and fast cutting of small items to be cut
Measurements (L x W x H):
115 x 145 x 200 mm
0,12 kg
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30.June 2020


Unverified rating

Der Aufsatz ist eine tolle Erfindung, um nun auch die kleinsten Produkte zu schneiden. Ausgereizt habe ich ihn dann sogar mit Blaubeeren... Das Ergebnis war so o.k., aber was will man bei so kleinen Kugeln schon erwarten ;-) Absolutes highlight ist wirklich, dass ich nun super easy meinen geliebten Gurkensalat schnellschneiden kann. Einfach die Gurke in den Aufsatz, Maschine anschalten und im Dauerlauf rutscht die Gurke ans Messer. Perfekt! Ein absolutes Must-Have, wenn man schon einen Allesschneider von Graef besitzt. Qualität ist in ordnung.

26.June 2020


Unverified rating

Geniales, kleines Teil, das man einfach auf den bestehenden Slicer aufsetzt. Manchmal sind gute Ideen so einfach. Schneidet Erdbeeren, Radieschen und alle anderen kleinen Dinge

29.July 2019


Unverified rating

Diesen Aufsatz will ich nicht mehr missen! Es ist so einfach zu benutzen und man kann wirklich die kleinsten Zutaten nun ganz klein schneiden. Sogar Blaubeeren!

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