Manual knife sharpener PICCOLO

20° grinding angle, 2-phase grinding
  • Manual blade sharpener with high-quality plastic housing and rubber-coated handle
  • 20° sharpening angle for smooth and serrated household, sports & leisure and industrial knives
  • Two-stage sharpening: sharpening element made of tungsten carbide, polish/hone with ceramic sharpening elements
  • Minimum material abrasion – for a long blade service life
  • Compact and practical for on the go
€ 10.99
incl. VAT and plus shipping costs
Germany: € 5.90
France, Czech Republic, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg: € 12.90 / Ireland: € 19.90 / other countries: € 16.90

With the Piccolo manual mini knife sharpener, you can sharpen your knives at any time - whether at home in the kitchen or on the road when camping or hunting.

Thanks to its two sharpening levels of tungsten carbide (level 1) and ceramic (level 2), knives quickly and effortlessly regain their sharpness. The PICCOLO from Graef replaces the classic sharpening steel and is much easier to use.

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20° polish, suitable for all smooth and serrated household- leisure- and commercial blades
20° sharpening angle
Phase 2: Polishing / honing with ceramic sharpening elements
Phase 1: Sharpening elements of tungsten carbide
Not suitable for Japanese knives
Measurements (L x W x H):
98 x 40 x 43 mm
Kunststoffgehäuse mit gummiertem Handgriff
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