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In the bread baking course with bread fairy Heidi Schlautmann, everything revolves around our "loaf food". In just one day, you will learn everything you need to know as a beginner about bread and the right way to prepare dough with the MYestro kitchen machine: from choosing the right flour, to topics such as dough temperature/structure, gluten or the window test, to the finished, home-baked and wonderfully fragrant bread from the oven. Course instructor Heidi Schlautmann will show you how to make the perfect bread dough with the GRAEF MYestro food processor and its unique functions, and will help you with tips and tricks.

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Bread baking course with Heidi Schlautmann

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Do you know the irresistible and tempting smell of homemade bread when it comes out of the oven fresh, hot and with a crackling crust? We would like to share this fascination with you and give you the necessary know-how in our courses to be able to bake bread and other bread specialities at home in a simple way. Our courses are aimed at beginners, but also at baking enthusiasts who would like to refresh their knowledge. We bake in normal household ovens - from the first step to the finished bread, which each participant can take home at the end.

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